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Mercedes Benz S-Class is Rusting!

ebs1ebs1 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
My $70,000 Mercedes S430 2003 is showing signs of significant Rust above both rear wheel wells. Has anyone ever experienced this problem before? To correct and repaint the rusty areas I am looking at $4,500. Is this what you can expect from a Mercedes? I am shocked that a car of this caliber would rust! By the way, the car is garage kept, washed at least weekly, and is in immaculate condition, except for the Rust. Also, the body shops I spoke with said they would NOT guarantee the work as the rust may return within 6 months.

What to do?


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    rockypaulrockypaul Member Posts: 104
    My 2003 S-430 4-Matic was purchased new, sticker price $80k.
    It has 50k miles and was last on a lift for a wheel balance 2 months ago.

    No rust anywhere including under carriage, chassis and body.

    I live in upstate NY where road salt is both mined and applied profusely.

    If you purchased used it may have had inferior body work performed following a rear end collision.

    Best of luck with your car, rust or not.
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    ebs1ebs1 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased the car new and have never had any body work performed on the car. I live in Eastern PA, so not as much bad weather as you get, but salt is applied to the roads from time to time. Thanks for your input.
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    rockypaulrockypaul Member Posts: 104
    You're welcome.

    We should stay in touch as these cars age.
    I did buy the the 7 yr warranty at the time of purchase but have not needed it.

    My dealer here is very attentive to service bulletins, etc. and has been terrific.

    M-B has dealer funds for good will and may offer a buy out your car or contribute to a better trade-in allowance.

    Cannot hurt to ask.
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    rgrigsbyrgrigsby Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 S430 that was purchased in August 2008 with 67528 miles and I have rust on three of the four doors. I took it to the Mercedes dealer where they looked up my Vin # and told me that this car had been recalled to have the doors re sealed in 2005. At this point I can only take there word for it. However, if it had been recalled and the doors re sealed and I am still experiencing rust should Mercedes be responsible for the workmanship and make it right. This is quite a sight seeing this car being driven around with rust on the doors. I am looking at $2200 to have this repaired. One body shop told me that they heard of the doors being replaced by MB.

    Please advise!
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