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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • p10leadmanp10leadman Posts: 40
    four cylinder not three......kinds hard to find a four cylinder exhaust manifold in Maine.. I just bought a steering colum from CANADA, as I could find no used ones here..(or on ebay for that)
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    You need different ECU for manual. THis will cost you.
    This is to much work to change auto to manual. You will never recover the cost saved on the gas.
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    Look on ebay or on website. You will find.
    Or you can talk to good welder, he can cut off the runners and weld new runners to the casting flanges. I did this on few models.
    YOu can also oversize the outlets and have "little screemer". :)
  • Well ipeman, I sorry to contredict you. It was not a tremendous amount of work at all.
    I did NOT have to change the ECU, I simply adjusted the stop at the idle screw.
    I am now doing an average of 57 miles to the gallon (imperial). I am saving on the tear and wear on the brakes, suspension and bearings because of the much lighter weight of the manual tranny: 65 versus 120 ils. Thanks anyway for your encouragement.
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    YOu do not need catalytic converter. If you do not have to made any state test, do not replaced. Just run straight pipe and replaced the O2. I run my w/out and I got 0n 3 cyl. engine close 48-53 mpg.
    Also, if you remove the catalytic, run the car and check, how is going. I can guaratee, will run better. You will save the $$$$ on O2 sensor. You can buy the sensor for around 40.00, but also you can keep the buck in your packet.
  • does anyone know the firing order of a 1990 geo metro??
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    If I remeber 1-3-2
  • Well done!

    I'm glad you enjoy the car.


  • I know you've already gotten the column from Canada, but you might keep this website in mind for the future - it's a very large discussion group for all the Swift / Metro / Firefly cars, and the folks are very helpful:


  • I have a 98 geo metro, that we put a new clutch in about 2 and a half years ago. I think that the clutch cable has come off, and I need to know where to locate it, can someone help me? :confuse:
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    Top of the trans.- close to the engine block- look for the pin with nurrling sticking out of transm.
    You must have a lever arm mounted on the nurling. Must be mounted with markings on the pin and lever arm.
    Why is so difficult to find the cable?
  • cwl13cwl13 Posts: 3
    I am going to install a rebuilt a/c compressor in a 96 Geo Metro and I am looking for somewhere that I can find out how much oil to put in the compressor.
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    Thanks. I didn't know about the weight differents between the manual and automatic. How did you solve the problem with the clutch pedal, link to the manual trans., shifting links etc?
    Let me know. You are correct about the millage - auto trans deliver up to 37 mpg aaaand 5 speed around 48,50 mpg (american gallons).
    I got on 1994 53, 55 and on 1991 only 48 mpg.
    Have good day. Mark, the pipeman or diesel man
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    Hello to the futre owner of the GEO METRO.
    First - negative points.
    1. when you drive, look around. Another drivers never pay attenion to the geo. They never see them, but YOU CAN AVOID THEM,
    2. Before you purchase the geo, go under the car and look for the front suspension lower control arm mounted to the florr panel, close to the front seat. If they are rusted, SAY GOODBAY. You can't fixed, or you will be "lost in the space".
    3. Look for the rust all over. This car is not bad for rust, but not much.
    SECOND - the positive:
    1. The engine ,even with over 150 000 milles, you can drive next 50- 70000 miles. Just maintain properly.
    2. I'm driving monthly around 3000 milles and cost me only $170.00 compering to my truck F 150 with 6 cyl. 300 cu about 18,18 mpg.
    You will love THE MONEY IN THE POCKET.

    JUST PAY ATTENTION, when you drive and be safe.
    Let me know what you buy. DO NOT PURCHASE AUTOMATIC, you will save money with 5 speed.
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    Hello Mr. underpower - my metros 1991 and 1994 I can take on every car, except Corvette and BMW.
    Is small , fast and fit everywhere, even passing on the wrong side of the road. Pipeman

  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    Alex. You are geo lover. I'm also. I have a lot of fun, when I'm driving. This car fit everywhere. Just keep running and passing the "phonetalking", news readers, buissness people on the phones. Just watch them and enjoy the GEO METRO. King of the road.
    Mare the pipeman
  • Hi there Pipeman!
    I was thinking of my transplant this very morning and someone sent me a picture of the diesel engine available in France.
    I took the pedals from a scrap car and repainted the assembly. It had new rubbers. The holes are already in the firewall. As the manual tranny bolts right on, all I did was renew the bushings below the stick shift. The manual shift goes right in the center, what's the name? console. I unscrewed the plate from the manual, kept my console, and screwed it in. The only labor intensive operation was to undo the bracket from the automatic that prevents the console from wobbling. Everything looks stock. I bought a new stick shift boot and gear knob. That particular type of vinyl becomes gooey if you have engine oil on your hands. With the tachometer cluster that I found and the sway bar mounted in GREASSABLE bushings coupled and the 15 inch mags AND rear disk brakes, I'm in heaven. The GT seats are extremely comfortable. I shift gears at around 2200 RPM. I'm not a sissy, but over the years I did find out that pushing the revs up only uses a lot of oil. Vanilla Latte only needs a new canvas deep blue with zippered window top to be perfect. Toodle dee doo.
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    Congratulation, you are in the heaven with the Geo.
    What diesel engine you are talking?
    Let me know. How do like the GT seats?
  • jb9200jb9200 Posts: 4
    I have a 97 Ego Metro with a California emissions/exhaust system. Can I replace the manifold and oxygen sensor with a non-California system??
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    First - please find what Oxy sensor do you have on the vehicle, what number, how many wires.
    after 6that, I can help you.
    I do not have to much knowledge about California stndarts, but you never know. ONe think, you can't eleminate the sensor, because ECU will need "data" from the sensor to calculate the amonund of fuel injected in the t/body.
    If you will disconect the "oxy", you will notice the difference.
  • jb9200jb9200 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the response. Don't know the Oxy sensor number. The car is in the shop. They are telling me that to replace the manifold and pipes/sensors up to the converter will cost me between $1200-1800. (I love my Ego Metro, but not that much.) They attribute the high cost to the Calif emissions system. The prices for non-Calif systems are much cheaper. My experience has been that servicing the Metro has always been relatively cheap -- parts seem inexpensive; with the exception of this Calif emissions system? My question is can't an exhaust shop make the the parts from manifold (including manifold) to converter with a Calif Oxy sensor? And/or, could'nt a non-Calif manifold and pipe be substituted for the calif versions? And is using non-calif parts legal and will it pass emissions?
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    I will reply in the mornning. What year is the metro and I need the VIN.
    I think the price is very high, but first let me look and I will try to help you if possible.
    I know, that California emission are different, I will look in the emmission book for the code.
    YOu must pass emission test?
  • jb9200jb9200 Posts: 4
    Thank you for your response and assistance. The car is a 97. I do not have the VIN # with me but can get it tonight eastern time.
  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    This vehicle shouldn't have diffrent emission standarts in 49 states. What is wrong with the car. Please explaine.
    The exhaust manifold shouldn't be different than another states. YOu can purchase used one on ebay, or junkyard.
    Also, you can purchase used down pipe with catalist used.
    Let me know the problem. 1200 - 1800, sounds expensive, but we need to feed familly, govorments, wifes, kids, etc.
    I got parts from geo, let me know this 3 or 4 cyl.
  • p10leadmanp10leadman Posts: 40
    OH, but you are so wrong! There is a special Califoria emmission manifold. How well I know. I have a 1997 Geo Metro with that exact manifold. BUT , I used a standard manifold, took it to a qualified exhaust shop, and had the pipe welded onto the exhaust end of the manifold. It is the only reasonable solution. And yes, the price quote is near correct- over $900.oo for the correct manifold.
    I have a 1995, a 1996 Suzuki Swift and a 1997 Geo metro, all 2 door hatchbacks with 4 cyl engines. The 1997 has the special manifold, all others are of the 49 state type...
    go figure. I understand they were all built in Canada.
  • jb9200jb9200 Posts: 4
    Dear p10leadman,

    Thanks for the info. Please confirm:
    1. A non-California manifold WILL fit the engine.
    2. But then an exhaust shot will then have to fashion a pipe from the manifold to the rest of the exhaust.

    Will this effect my ability to pass emissions?

    And yes, my '97 Ego Metro is Canadian.

  • I had a timing belt changed in January along with a complete tune up (plugs, wires,etc.) Recently I've experienced problems with starting/running in the morning. It starts right away, but after I put it in drive and go a few dozen yards, the engine bogs(when I press the gas pedal)
    At first, feathering the gas pedal got me through it, and once I got it on the highway (65+ mph) I couldn't detect any more problems. The wierd thing is that it happens only in the morning. There were times that my car would be parked at work for 12-14 hours, but would start and run no problem. I recently got home late from work, so that the care only sat for 6 1/2 hours. It started, choked and stopped. A friend of my roommate said it was the fuel pump-and changed it. He said he ran it on the highway for 15 miles, but when I picked it up, it died 30 feet out of the shop driveway. He was able to start it by blasting some spray into the carb, but the engine wouldn't stay running.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks for reading this and responding :)
  • suppleesupplee Posts: 5
    can I use a 1990 motor to replace the one in my 1997 metro?
  • yes it can be made to fit and work, but I doubt very much it will pass California or NY emission testing. It was done for a reason......hhhmmmmm too bad huh? sorry, no good ideas -I scoured ebay, and the other areas with not much luck. Maine has no emisssion testing for MY specific county, but some counties in maine do have testing. :confuse:
    good luck !
    Myself, I keep wearing out headlight / turn signal switches ! I've gone thru 3 sets already.
  • not likely. emissions, and controls are differnt, and the tranny and suspension would have to swap also, and then there would be the alignment needed after that... really a questionable project.
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