Entourage check engine light

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Has anyone had the problem with the check engine light coming on and staying on? Then goes off after a couple of days. I first had this problem at 1,500 miles. They tried to download some programs into computer, but, the computer wouldn't reset. Had to ship computer to California so the engineers could reset it. Now at 38,000 it's doing it again. The maintance manager said that it was reading a misfire at 2100 RPM's. Anyone else having or had this problem? Thanks, Stush.


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  • dlajsrdlajsr Member Posts: 2
    My 2007 Entourage Check Engine light, ESC off light are on and will not go off. Also at the same time the Cruise Control Set light failed to come on and will not lock on to your speed. I have unhooked the battery cable for short time and they reset ok, Then next time I start the car its the same thing all over again. ???? Ant suggestions as to the cause???
    thanks John
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    This problem would be covered under warranty..... Time to call your dealer
    Why mess around with this you might do more damage
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    Just got it back from inspection. The check engine light coming on was due to a faulty O2 senser. Replaced under warranty. Also my key fob quit working, they replaced that under warranty. Alls well, love the van!
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