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Nissan Xterra "crossing drain lid" voice

sgogsgog Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Nissan
hi guys,
i got a 08 xterra on Aug.

months back i noticed that each time i start my car, and when the speed is reaching around 15mph, i can hear a voice "ka", sounds like i just crossed a drain lid (but actually not). with windows closed, voice sounds bigger.

this problem only occur each time staring the car....

went to dealer for check but was told everything is ok...but still i am wondering what is that "ka" voice came from?


  • asaasa Member Posts: 359
    I'm thinking that it's your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) doing it's self check and that everything is fine. Within a minute or two after starting your Xterra and getting up to speed, you'll hear a sound like a spring being sprung and that's the ABS test. It will do this only once per trip. My '06 Frontier does this too and the owner's manual mentions it. Your dealer should know this, but if your dealer is like mine, there is much they are ignorant of. Have a happy and safe New Year! :)
  • sgogsgog Member Posts: 2
    thanks. "spring being sprung"....that's the voice. i think i should read the manual one more time carefully.
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