URGENT: changing AWD to 2WD

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1997 Subaru Impreza sedan...Can you safely change AWD to 2WD? How? Does it increase fuel efficiency and/or performance?


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    Removing the fuse to make it a 2wd is only meant to allow you to get to a place where you can get your car serviced due to a tire failure or some other drive train problem.. I think your manual limits it to about 50 miles maximum. Extended use will result in very costly repairs. Your mileage will not be noticeably affected because your are still hauling the rear wheels and the corresponding weight.
    Check your manual.
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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was going to buy the used car and there was no manual. It didn't seem right. I will either by-pass the car or make a heck of a deal! (It was so cute, though!)

    Happy New Year!
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    You actually insert a fuse in the "FWD" slot in the fuse box in the engine bay, but he's right - that's for temporary use only, like when you get a flat tire.
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    That's right Juice....I realized it later but she already had the message so I let it go.

    Jim :blush:
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    Call me dumb I guess, I had some problem getting stuck in the snow last week when I was near Canada, only the RF wheel was turning, I was tottaly baffled. I went on line @ ANSWER.COM, a tech. said that my vicuios cloupler was bad, I said how is that possible it drives fine, no noise. I have had the 1997 Subaru outback for six years never notice if I did or did not have AWD. There is NO FUSE in the fwd box, I guess it never had one. Can anyone figure this out?
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    The center differential is a series of clutch packs. If they're worn out and are just slipping against one another rather than grabbing, you won't get any power to the rear wheels. I am not sure that you would get noise. It is not unheard of for the center differential to go out.

    No fuse in the FWD box is good - if you put a fuse in there, it activates a solenoid in the center differential that decouples the rear.

    Perhaps put the car up on jack stands and put it in gear to see if you get any spinning out of the rear wheels with no resistance on them. If working at all, all four wheels should spin.
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    If he has the VC then the fuse does nothing - it's a mechanical AWD system. Sounds like a damaged one.
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