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Kia Rondo Low Tire Pressure check light

I just purchased a 2008 Kia Rondo LX and already the Low Tire Pressure check light has gone off. I haven't taken a tire gauge to check the tires but they sure look full to me. Has anyone had any issues with this feature?


  • Has it gotten colder recently where you live? My Yaris did this the first cold snap we had.

    My 07 Rondo if anything could be more sensitive than it is. I'd like to see it come on when it hit 30 lb pressure.
  • vannervanner Posts: 47
    We try to keep our '07's tires at 32 psi all year and when it drops to 30 or less we do get a light. So far no big deal - maybe three times in a year and never the same tire as I recall. Two pounds is a lot more sensitive than I imagined it might be, even in relatively "low profile" tires. (I come from the age of Ward's Riverside bias-ply 8.50 x 15 and you got what profile you got!) You're exactly right about the air temp and of course who could imagine a dealer's prep team might not get the tire pressures right?
  • It was the weather - I took them in and had them filled and the light turned off. The tires are more sensitive that I thought...but no complaints. Thanks again!
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    My 2007 Rondo (Canadian model, EX V6 Luxury) does not have the LTP system. I guess the US 2007 model did?
  • My 2007 EX has it. I guess it is a good thing. Many tire shops like to charge $20 to reset the TPS around here. Most people don't have a clue and will pay for it when getting tires balanced or rotated. Most cars don't really have a problem so it seems to be just a way to boost the profits.
  • Had my Rondo since march of 08 (07model) and had this issue once when the temp dropped. Added air and light reset itself. Have not had issue again since.
  • mcreasymcreasy Posts: 3
    i'm wondering what the correct air pressure is for my michelin tires? The tires say 44psi on the sidewall. The sticker on the inside of the door beam says 35psi. I was always taught that you keep the tires at the pressure on the sidewall. i would think that 35 would be under inflated by 9psi. I just want the best tire wear and gas mileage.
  • tsm280ztsm280z Posts: 30
    The tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire is usually the maximum air pressure for that tire. The sticker on the door and in the owner's manual is the one to go by.
  • boydewboydew Posts: 10
    I have a 2009 rondo and recently there is a ticking noise coming from the engine when you start the car and drive until she warms up. Was not there before. I even had 5w-20 oil just put in and the ticking is still there. Any Ideas
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    Boydew, isn't your 2009 still under warranty?
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