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93 Saab 9000 Problems??

cyndi11cyndi11 Member Posts: 3
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I've got 57000 miles, and for the last 8000, I've
had nothing but one problem after another. Am I


  • cyndi11cyndi11 Member Posts: 3
    Anyone having problems with 93 Saab 9000 turbo hatchback? constantly stalling, drivers window, display panel, terrible smell, etc. Please let me hear from you. [email protected]
  • goldbergergoldberger Member Posts: 58
    Is this a 5-speed? "Constant stalling" is a symptom of a worn-out "turbo bypass valve". It occurs primarily when you let off the gas to shift. This is a minor part which any dealer or half-brained independent knows about. Just make sure they replace it with the "updated part", or you'll discover why it is affectionately known as the "hooter valve".

    Stalling is also a symptom of a failing Direct Ignition Cassette, which is common in the "old style". Look at the engine, and the long red cover set into the top of the engine is the DI Cassette. If there is only a black wire coming out the end of it, it is the old style; if there is a white connector on the end, it is the new style. Saab is very lenient about covering the old style.

    Display panel? The "door ajar, lights out" panel is particular about its ground connection, and bulbs on the opposite sides of the car being matched. The "SID", which displays mpg, miles to empty, gear selection for the automatic, etc., has two tiny (and expensive) light bulbs inside, so if you can't see that display any longer, the lights are probably burned out. It takes a little time to dig into the dash deeply enough to reach them.

    Driver's window? Either the switch or the motor. It's pretty easy to pry up the switch block and swap the two front switches, to rule the switch in or out. While the switches themselves are reasonably reliable, they are sensitive to liquids falling in, something that happens a lot due to their placement between the seats. The newer 9000's benefit from "GM Standard" window switches (pull up to close, push down to open), and the NG900, 9-3, and 9-5 have the switch panel raised to limit their fluid intake ;-).
    "Terrible smells" usually result from molds growing on the A/C evaporator. This is a common problem for all cars in the hot, humid Southeast, where the A/C is typically in service year around and doesn't receive the sub-zero drying out season which some of us are blessed(?) with.

    It sounds like all your problems can be traced back to lacking a qualified service professional, or at least a good amateur. Saabs aren't Chevies, even if they are under the GM umbrella, any more than Jaguars are Fords. Although the market value for your car is in the low-teens, its needs for service are those of a relatively unique and aging $35K plus luxury/sport sedan. Find a qualifed service person, resolve that you will need to maintain the car, and enjoy its unique combination of performance, safety, comfort and utility.
  • mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    goldberger, thanks for all this interesting information!!

  • bo_chungbo_chung Member Posts: 61
    I think goldberger has addressed most of possible culprits. You can also find a whole lot of info. and fixes from one of the Saab user sites. People there site problems and fixes for 99s to 9-5s. I used to use it often to fix my problems on my old 9000T but since I drive a new Saab now, I have forgotten where it was. goldberger writes for Nines, I think. He might be able to name a few good sites.
  • jshramjshram Member Posts: 5
    Even with irritating little problems, I love to sit behind the wheel of my 87 9000T. I put 110 miles every day on it, and wouldn't trade for anything, except a newer 9000.

    At 120k, the car still drives like new. Find a GM or Ford product that can do that!

    The advice about a good mechanic you can trust is paramount. If you are willing to tinker then the website mentioned above is: www.saabnet.com go to to the bulletin board section. But, take the site with a grain of salt, because one gets the impression that all SAABs are bad. this is because the only people who post there are the ones having problems. Lots of folks drive without problems...but they don't post.

    Good SAAB'in!!!

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