Porsche Cayenne S 40K service questions

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I live in DC metro area. I have my 40k service due on my cayenne S. What does this service consists of? About how much? Where is a good place to take this?

Porsche of tysons quoted me 950.00.

Can this service be a diy?



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    The manual says to change the oil and filters and inspect and adjust a bunch of stuff. The estimate for my zip code is $233.12.

    Edmunds Maintenance Guide

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  • Cayenne81Cayenne81 Member Posts: 6
    that's weird . When I call dealer they quote me 950 for the service . You know why is this?
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    Dealer has a boat payment? :P

    Service writers generally are on commission so the more services they sell, the more money they make. So the dealer may be trying to upsell you on some stuff that Porsche says you don't need.

    If you compare our list with the list of things the dealer wants to do and they match, then the dealer is likely overcharging you.

    You may want to ask for a quote for an oil change and have to some items inspected instead of saying "40,000 mile service" and see what the quote is.
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    What items are important to ask to be inspected?

    I got a quote for 210 oil change-
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    Everything on the Edmunds' list comes from Porsche. So it's all "important."

    Maybe it's time to find an independent shop?
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    I received a combined 36K and 40K service quote on my `08 Cayenne for $750 from Red Line Motors in Purceville, VA (on Route 7, about six miles west of Leesburg). Evidently, they need to replace the spark plugs in the 36K service which is the only thing.

    Seem pretty good, but a 40 minute drive from Reston, VA.

    I used to go to Porsche at Tysons Corner, but could never get out of there for less than $1,500
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    My sister's back in VA and the repair prices seem a bit steep there. Pays to shop around!
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    Are the plugs that hard to change. Oil changes can be done pretty much by any place for 60- 70 dollars with synthetic oil. The visuals are pretty easy to do yourself.
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    Best let an owner address that one.

    But in general, plugs are harder to get to these days. There's a lot of stuff crammed into engine compartments, and they are often hidden under plastic shields and other parts. There's one plug on my 10 year old minivan that I've never seen, so I let the mechanic handle it when the 105k change interval came around.
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