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Horn has stopped working

c5nutc5nut Posts: 11
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Horn on my 2000 ZR2 has stopped working for the steering wheel. Works for the alarm. The fuse and relay are both good. Checked contacts in steering wheel and they appeared to be fine, cleaned them just to be sure and still no luck. Used to hear a click (when the horn worked) from somewhere under the dash when the horn button was pushed, now I don't hear it. Thinking whatever made that clicking sound before might be the issue. Any help would be appreciated!


  • c5nutc5nut Posts: 11
    Well this is crazy. After posting my question I went into the garage and took apart the steering wheel again thinking I was on the right track with the contacts. I decided to flip the little copper contact plates over just for giggles mostly, but thinking they might be worn out on one side. And voila! I have horn again! Thanks to anyone who was about to help me out. I hope this helps anyone with this issue and I'll be happy to reply to anyone looking for more details on this fix.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'm glad you got that worked out. It had me scratching my head. :)

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  • same thing happens on my 99 blazer one of those on again off again things when i need to use it nothing happens other times it'll honk all day long
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Have you tried c5nut's approach to the problem? Let us know what you find out.

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  • c5nutc5nut Posts: 11
    That's exactly how my problem started. It went on like that for over a year. And then finally quit working all together. I haven't had any issues since I turned the contacts around though. Got lucky on that I guess.
  • I have a 2002 Blazer and have had the same problem. The dealership has "looked into" the problem several times and can NOT find the cause or a solution for it. They have had the horn apart and replaced the "smart" switch in the stearing column. When you hit the horn It will work sometimes, but then it will stop working for no reason, but it always works with the key fob and the alarm.
  • c5nutc5nut Posts: 11
    Try flipping the copper contacts over in the steering wheel. That's how I fixed mine. It wasn't hard to take the wheel apart, it only took me about 45 mins. Since I flipped the contact plates over I haven't had a problem. Another idea I had while looking at the steering wheel dismantled was to place thin washers between these contact plates and where they are mounted. The idea being they would be closer to the point of contact for the horn button.
    Here's how I took apart the steering wheel:
    First you'll want to disable the airbag by disconnecting the battery and waiting at least 2 mins before starting (the airbag can still go off during that time).
    Turn the key and unlock the steering wheel. Turn the wheel 90*. Doesn't matter which way. There's a small torx head screw that holds the cover to the back. After It's removed, turn the wheel 180* the opposite direction and remove the other one (you'll want to leave it in this position for the next step). The cover will slide down the shaft just enough so you can peek into the airbag cavity. **I had taken the two piece cover off the steering shaft but I don't think it was necessary. But later, if you find you need more room to work, taking it off might do it. It was easy, 3 screws to take off on the bottom and the tilt lever button comes off with a good pull.
    Here's the tricky part. With wheel in the same position you need to look in the airbag cavity and locate the end of a spring that secures the airbag and horn button. It's a coil type spring that kind of looks like a cotter pin. Using a small flat screw driver or scratch awl push the end of the spring down towards the floor. This should move the button out a bit you might have to pull it towards you (gently!). Once you have that spring disengaged, turn the wheel 180* again and repeat. The horn button should be loose now. I didn't disconnect the wires, I simply let it rest on the wheel.
    Now locate the copper contacts for the button. There are four of them at the 2, 4, 8, and 10 o'clock positions. They are each held in place by one torx head screw. Here's where you need to decide if you just want to flip 'em over as I did, or try the washer idea. If you decide to flip 'em (try that first) do one at a time so you can keep track of which side is which.
    The test. Pop the button back in place (it should snap in), connect the battery, hold your mouth right, and push the button.
    Hopefully that does it. If not, maybe try the washer idea. And if that doesn't work, I would suggest middle finger aerobics. Good Luck!
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