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The Nissan 370Z has just been released to dealerships in my area, as of January 1st, 2009.

Articles have been posted on the Internet detailing the MSRP of the vehicle and its options, but no site has posted the dealer's wholesale price of the car and its options.

Anyone know those prices? Thanks.


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    Well now has the 370Z up and the prices. The base is about $30,000 and with auto about $31,200. The touring is about $34,000 and auto about $35,400. The sport package on either base or touring is $3,000.
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    Mark-up is about $2000 on a $32K 370Z but because this is a high demand, low production car I don't think it's unreasonable to let the dealer make some money on it. We already sold one near sticker and the buyer was incredibly happy. Not much else in the market that looks as hot as the 370Z for the money.image
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    can someone who is not a car dealer post what they paid for one?
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    If you wanted the 370Z right now. Every dealer is going to sell add-mark up or near MSRP. I would recommended wait for a year or so.

    If you wanted right away and has something that nobody has. You will have to pay the price.

    All the dealers do it. Not just Nissan. I am not impress with the 370Z. That why I brought my 350Z last month for a real low price....
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    Actually the 370z has been out about 2-3 weeks here in S. Florida and two separate Nissan dealers have come down 1500-1800 dollars.
    With no negotiation at all they offered it at $1500 over invoice..Difference as listed on Edmunds is about $3200 between MSRP and invoice of fully loaded touring pack with Sports and Navigation.

    Shouldn't be too difficult to get the car at $800 over invoice in a month or so. Remember car sales suck and they need to move cars.
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    I'm just starting to price out a 370 in S FL. Alans1, what 2 dealers have you found offering $1500 over invoice?

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    Try Nissan/Volvo in Weston and Endicott Nissan in Pompano.
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    Sure not much action for the new Z car. I know its a new car and times are slow, but it really a nice car. Nissan seems to have it priced pretty fairly. Maybe some really good deals down the road. Here in central Florida , dealers are not even advertising prices--- only one liner--"-New Z is here". See what happens by ---say September or so. Noticed other people posting from Florida on the "Z". Please keep us informed on your experiences on this car . Thanks
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    I know this is about 370 pricing, but I agree that dealers are giving better deals on their 2008 350s still in stock. If anyone is also pricing 350s, would appreciate hearing about your experiences. I'm in Chicago area...
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    I'm been car shopping for a while. At Fontana Nissan in southern California, they are advertising $2000 off MSRP. They also seem to have the largest inventory, 16 in stock per
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    Go to some of the other 370Z forums. Many people are now buying at invoice. Some have bought below invoice. The initial buzz/early buying of the 370Z is actually dropping faster than the collective Nissan franchises had anticipated.......Altima and the new Maxima sales are stalling. Pockets of 370Z inventory are appearing. Nissan's cash flow is becoming a bigger problem than earlier thought according to some insiders (don't ask). If you pay more than invoice, you are paying too much. Be patient and good luck. :)
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