Jeep Wrangler Theft

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Well, it's finally happened. I've had my baby for almost five years and it has been broken into three times within the last three months. The first time it happened was approximately three months ago (console - left open), the 2nd was this past Saturday night (back window unzipped), and the 3rd was Sunday night (broke into the locked glove box).

I've always been told to never lock the doors so the windows have a slighter chance of getting sliced. *check* I've locked the console and glove box *check* worked until now (rethinking that). Last night they broke into my glove box and now it won't shut. Thankfully, that is all that has really happened, except they took some cd's and left the cases (at least I know what I have to replace). I never keep anything in there that's of value, so no worries there, but ticked about the glove box and somebody pawing my Jeep, expecially back-to-back hits.

Anyway, can a Wrangler soft top have an alarm? Seems to me the winds on the windows would pose a problem. Also, do I continue to leave the doors unlocked and start to leave the console & glove box unlocked? I'd flip if they sliced them.

Open to suggestions. Not too happy right now. :(



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    Proximity alarms in cabin. But be aware windy evenings could cause the top/windows to flex and set it off.

    Also, leave all STOCK things unlocked, including doors.

    Also, get Tuffy consoles and glove box door for storage. :)

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    Thanks for the response. Yeah, I was thinking that the winds would be an issue. And in Florida, especially during hurricane season, we can gets some gusts. I'll just have to deal with it and look up the items you suggested.

    Thanks again. :)
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    If you absolutely must keep valuables in the Jeep then Tuffy make excellent products. However, a locked security box virtually announces the fact that it's at least worth trying to break it open to find the prize inside.

    With a soft top it's always a good idea to leave the doors unlocked, athough it's no guarantee that some idiot won't use a blade first before even trying the door, and as well as leaving the glove box and console unlocked leave them open too, so that it can be seen that there's nothing worth stealing.

    An alarm? Well, it's fine if you're the one that'll respond, but passers by and neighbors will just be irritated by it, and it won't bother the thief one bit! :(
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    X2 on that information Mac. I leave mine unlocked most of the time. During the summer, I have a cab cover over it though.

    Only things I really keep in my Tuffy are my insurance and registration. Face plate, iPod, and GPS are kept in my house when not in use. Never had a problem, but having the Tuffy sure makes things nicer (that and the fact my SE came with a sorry excuse of a console - I needed one anyway!). I got the full console version that has room for a subwoofer inside it.

    I'll be removing it temporarily when I line my interior (which is a GREAT option if living near the ocean - reduces interior rust!). I know it is going to be a pain!

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    Tuffy Products makes some pretty nice consoles and other locking storage boxes. I think they even have a glovebox as well.
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