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Air vent problems!

draygyendraygyen Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Pontiac
Ok, my air vents dont switch, they are 90% stuck on the defroster vent ( even when the compressor isnt on) and only a little air comes out of the forward vents even when they are the only ones selected. There is a noise that sounds like a servo spinning next to my glove compartment coming from behind the dashboard, I have no idea if this is relative to my vents not working but its always making a spinning noise... please help.


  • torybtoryb Posts: 3
    i own a Pontiac Grand Prix. A vacuum hose is loose, and i cannot find where it needs to be plugged in at. There is also a lot of smoke that comes from the Engine. Is the hose not being plugged in causing it? and where does the hose go?
  • I am working on the same problem. I can tell you that I pulled the glove box down, saw the blower fan behind the box, there was paper stuck in my fan, hence the noise. Also, my air vents won't switch either. Above the fan, behind the glove box, is the door that opens to let air go thru the vents....mine now has a piece of cardboard holding it open so that air can get to the vents..apparently the last owner just didn't care to fix the issue. Now, all that said, I have a 99 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged.
  • I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix, 3.8 V6, supercharged.
    When the car warms up a little, I get a ticking noise somewhere around the trans pan/engine pan area. When I drive it goes away but when I coast down to idle the ticking starts. When in drive idle it ticks, when in neutral or park idle it ticks intermittently. :sick:
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