92 Cherokee v-6 4.0L won't start

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I am not mechaincally savvy at all. Here is what I know.

Can any one out there help me out? I don't live on a bus line and my mom does not drive in this icy winter weather and I do not yet know anybody here... returned to area after 23 years in another state...

Battery tested at 12.6 volts

windows, radio, lights etc all work.

tried to start in neutral and to wiggle gearshift - no luck.

does not click, crank or attempt to turn over.

sometimes makes an air escape/vacuum noise.

here are some pics of a loose wire I disovered: please only look at problem 1 pics (unless you somehow think problem 2 could be causing the car to not start...


any guidance much appreciated!


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    pict 1 looks as if that is your ac pressure switch wire used to sut off ac compressure when low on freon

    pict 2 is where the shop reads pressures for ac unit
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    THANKS for the info, was sooo hoping it was the culprit for the no start...

    guess I don't need to be in a hurry to figure out where it connects to since it is freezing outside!

    thanks for the help with that loose wire!
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    the starter went bad, just that fast...

    the answer to the pics are Problem 1 - this is the wire to the under the hood light. The light fixture was so mangled that it does not look at all like they would go together. Another cherokee driver on another forum recongnized it.

    Problem 2 - it the differential breather hose... apparently it is supposed to be like that.

    so, all problems are solved and I learned to use the multimeter to test my battery.

    thanks much!
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    I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee Overland and it sat over winter and the ac is low on freon. I have looked for the low pressure switch and have discovered that it is not located on the accumulator as other models are. I have located the high pressure switch on the high side but for the life of me the low pressure switch has me bum-fuzzled. Wouldn't be too bad if the compressor would run intermittently but it is kicked out on low pressure. I have verified that the compressor is free.
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    i have a 93 jeep grand cherokee lardeo that i cant get to start,i let my mother use it to go to an apointment, she was in there for about 115 minutes came out and it wouldnt start. I've put on a new starter and solenoid, ignition switch and replaced the battery terminals. If i jump the solenoid on the starter it'll start cranking but wont fire, i've been told it may be the anti theft system on it that faulty and not allowing the signal through. I was wondering if there may be yet another possibility or how i could reset or possibly just remove the anti theft system completely without having to take it to a garage or the dealer since moneys really tight at the moment.
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