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Front Wheel AWD Problems

ahealey66ahealey66 Member Posts: 2
I went to backup my 1999 gmc safari van and when I turn the wheels hard right or left It feels like the tires are flat (not) or that I am driving across a series of bumps. It is not suspension related it appears to be in the front wheel drive. The van has 116,000 miles


  • sammycastagnasammycastagna Member Posts: 28
    Have you checked the universal joints that are covered with the rubber boot. I think they may be called cv joints.

  • robhaharobhaha Member Posts: 2
    ahealy, I have a 2005 Safari AWD with 60k miles. I had the same problem. Mine felt like my jeep in 4wd turning on pavement. Also, my Safari would not idle forward unless the wheels were straight. If I was idling forward in a straight line I could stop by turning right or left. The "axle" man at GMC in Metairie Louisiana said it was normal but that I could change fluids.I also had another problem where it felt like my torque converter was slipping and relocking up to 5 times in one acceleration. The GMC guy did not acknowledge this at all. The dealers price for changing fluids was rediculous so I asked my local mechanic to do it and both problems disappeared. A little more info for you. My mechanic had another customer with the same 4wd system and the same problem and changing fluid didn't help. It seems there is a motor that is inside the front axle that must disengage the front wheels from each other and he had to replace that on this other guys car. Change front axle and transaxle fluids to help with these two problems. I changed transmission and rear axle while I was at it and I will do so every 30k miles. Good luck, Rob
  • ahealey66ahealey66 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Rob:
    I bought all of the fluids to make the change and then realized that there was a hole in the transfer case on top back by the webbing. After I found that I investigated and found that certain transfer cases have a pin inside that wears a hole in the case from the inside out. Something GM refuses to admit or make good on because "your warranty is up". Needless to say, I know the root of GM's inability to sell cars because I will never buy another............
    I had a used case put in because the GM dealer quoted me a price of 3100.00 to replace the case. I have replaced many parts on this van some several times, and I did buy it new. Thank you for your response and I hope this problem doesn't get you later.
  • lightningfastlightningfast Member Posts: 1
    I have an 05 gmc safari awd van that has no drive to the front end so hence no"awd' I have talked with several shops and have been told its the front end, its the transfer case, and the always classic "its hard to say" Since the front differantial is an open type I tend to lean to the transfer case, but being afull-time system i'm wondering if there is a clutch pack that has worn out or is it a vaccum or electricly activated system. Where would you start looking Fluid is up to snuff and full and there has been no indications that anything was going bad,and not even sure when it stopped working. The only reason I noticed it was because it snowed and these vans do not get around too well with just the rear drive.Any clues?
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