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Hello and Happy New Year to all.
I am trying to remove the headlamps from my 2000 Town Car. I want to install a pair of Philips 9007 Crystal Vision bulbs. I am wondering if I have to remove the air filter housing on driver's side and battery on passenger side to do this or is there an easier way. Thanks in advance for your help.

p.s. I wasted $20 on a on-line Chiltons DIY manual which only showed me how to take the bulb out of the socket. It didn't even have the right image for the vehicle. What a rip off.


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    Hello.I recently swapped my bulbs in my 99 and it was easy.You take the black cover off the top and look over the headlight.There is a thing there that slides in and out to keep the headlight secure.It's bent at the top so it's easy to grab.I couldn't believe that was the only thing holding the light assembly in there!No need to remove anything other then the black thing to get to the lights.Once you take those sliding things out the whole assembly comes out with little effort.Same on the passenger side. :shades:
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    Hey 99towncarexec,
    A very belated thanks. The headlight change had to be the easiest job I can remember. I had actually looked at those pins, pulled them out, and put them back in because I didn't know what they were for.
    Happy motoring.
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