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LF suggestion: how to bypass the headlight cover for accessories

arasemarasem Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
Hey all,
so I notced that this is an interesting group about hyundai santa fe. I have 2008 Santa fe and I decided to pimp it up a bit. Iam trying to do the piming by myself but I am stuck with somethign maybe someone can help out with.

I have bought some extra colorfull LEDS that are supposed to glow when I turn the engin on and the actual head(or tail) lights are on.. Therefore as you might guess, I need to connect these LEDS to the wires that goes to the car lights.

Problem:The lights of Santa fe have a cover that I need to rotate in order to expose the bulbs and thier wires.. therefore I can connect these wirses to my LEDS becuase of the cover exist and needs to be closed.. How do you think I can do that?

I would guess the same problem should arrive if someone installs back up sensors becasue the break lights are covered too with athe plastic cover.

Any suggestions? please help
Thank you


  • I would just go to the wire harness that goes into the lights them selves rather than open up the head light assembly. There are wire clips (can't rememeber the name) that fold across your wires and make a solid connection. Its a clip type thing with metal contacts inside. You lay your LED wire into one side, line up the Head light wire from your wire harness and close it up. The metal contacts inside cut through the insulation on the wires completeing the connection.
    That will provide power to your its up to you as to where to mount them.
    Good luck with your project.
  • Hi,
    Thank you very much for your help in this. I will definityl look for these.
    But I have one more question, would this screw up the computer and the electrcal circuit in the car (as some people told me) or is this somehtign basic that won't do an affect?
    Thank you
  • Can't say for certain about the computer system. I would more worry about voltage loads. It depends on how much power you need to pull off the wires you choose to use as a supply. Generaly LED as you mentioned use very little power so I dont see that as a problem. You could use a relay which suppys a signal to your LEDs, but they would also need a separate power supply as the relay doesn't carry a load.
    If it were me I would go ahead and do it just knowing the LEDs draw so little juice that your car won't even notice the differance.
    The worst that can happen is you blow a fuse, an easy fix and cheap knowledge.
    Good luck
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