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Kia Rondo Theft Alarm System

steve76063steve76063 Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in Kia
I just bought a used '07 4 cyl Rondo EX and noticed that the front side windows have a triangle sticker on them that says something like 'Security System'.
I bought the car from an auction, so I have no contact with the original owner.
Did '07 EX Rondos come factory equiped with a security system, or did the previous owner just put somestickers on the windows? How can I find out?


  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    My 2007 EX has a factory alarm system that arms whenever the doors are locked via the keyfob. It arms the doors, the hatch and the hood (I set the alarm off once for the hood - I popped the hood and locked the doors by the fob accidentally, then when I lifted the hood, woooheee I woke everyone in a 2 block radius...
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    in my '08 Rondo EX (Canadian) there is also a immobilizer. To quote from the owners manual:

    Your immobilizer system is comprised of a small transponder in the ignition key
    and electronic devices inside the vehicle. With the immobilizer system, whenever
    you insert your ignition key into the ignition switch and turn it to ON, it checks
    and determines and verifies if the ignition key is valid or not. If the key is determined to be valid, the engine will start. If the key is determined to be invalid, the engine will not start.

    Did you not get an owners manual with your vehicle?
  • Just to reply to my own post...I DO have a security system :D
    I checked it out by locking the doors (with the windows open), and waiting about 30 seconds. Then, when I opened the door by reaching in, the alarm went off!
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