Full scale deflection on gauges

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I have a 2002 Expedition with 95,00 miles on it. Recently, or at least I only noticed it recently, when Istart the car, all the gauges go to full scale deflection, and then return to normal. Everything appears to be working fine. Is this normal, and I have just not noticed it? OBTW, it is the original battery, so it is getting ready for replacement.


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    Mine did this. The gages are all re-calibrating by going to full scale, then back to zero and then to current reading. I believe that with a weak battery, when the voltage drops below a certain level when starting, the gages go into this "calibration" mode. Of course, they will also do this when you replace the battery also.
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    I have a 01 and I have started seeing this on mine recently. I swear that it it did not do that before but now it is every time the ignition is turned on even without going to crank with the key.

    I don't have any idea what the problem is but about the same time it started running rough.
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