Chevrolet Spark

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Based on the Beat concept car, this subcompact will be slotted below the Aveo. It will be introduced in Europe next year, and in the U.S. and elsewhere after that (2011 model year, maybe).

I think Chevrolet has to compete in this segment.


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    There has been a Launch of Chevrolet Spark Muzic in India. The Chevrolet Spark Special edition - Muzic comes with several new exterior features and amenities that make the award-winning small car more sporty and stylish.
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    the 1.2L engine? Or will they come up with a bigger engine for the U.S. market? Perhaps they will borrow from their Daewoo subsidiary?

    Consumer Reports mentions a 93-inch wheelbase, which is exactly the same length as my Echo:

    This could be the first Chevy with truly class-leading fuel economy. It sure does have a big face for such a small car though.

    Road and Track is speculating it will receive a 1.6L EcoTec engine, which of course will be overkill for such a small car and drive down the fuel economy. They are also expecting a starting price of around $14K:

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    ...better in real life. "Design by committee" at it's worst.

    As someone said on a different forum, reminiscent of the Aztek, right down to the hideous green.

    I'm a GM fan [and owner], but if this is where the company is headed, the US taxpayer's bailout money is being pissed down the drain.

    Hope I'm wrong.
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