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Odyssey service cost?

happynemohappynemo Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Honda
Dear all,

My 07 van EXL has 12k miles on it (bought Dec 07), and service "wrench" is on now and requires B service. I called dealer and they quoted me $250 for it. $250 is not a small $ for me at this moment. I'm wondering for old Odyssey owners, how much do you normally spend out on maintenance every year, or each individual service? I haven't considered this part yet, and suddenly it jumped out from my budget planning.

Thank you for your thoughts.


  • berriberri Posts: 9,924
    I've been rather surprised about how expensive Honda service and parts are as well. In fact, my Toyota is cheaper to have serviced. You just have to factor that into the total ownership cost next time you compare and buy a vehicle. So far at least, the Honda's haven't required much outside of normal service, but I was floored when I had to replace the cabin filter and it was around a hundred bucks. I had the same thing on a Ford and I recall it was only about $40 several years ago. Maybe the domestics can get their reliability and durability similar in the next few years. Real competition is the only way to stop the dealer gouging that seems to be going on at Honda.
  • Thanks, Berri,

    I'm just wondering how much does service C cost and D if there is one? And how frequent do I have to face those high bills? Thanks again for your input.
  • berriberri Posts: 9,924
    We don't go by letter service levels here, but $250 sounds high for any routine service unless you are changing a bunch of filters and things. Be sure they aren't piling on dealer packs like engine cleaning or power steering flush. Follow your owners manual since our dealers always try to pile on more than needed into those service calls. I think the service advisors must get commisions like the salespeople.
  • yah, you are corect. I called another dealer and they said only $85 including oil change and tire rotation. The first dealer quote me $250 really make me feel bad. They said, they top all fluid blah blah ... ... when he quoted me. I even called America Honda and ask their opinion about B service, they said each dealer is individually owned and they can charge whatever they like ... ...

    Anyway, I read the brochure and seems B service doesn't include that much and shouldn't be $250 anyway.

    Thanks for your input.
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    Replace engine oil and oil filter - for DIY including me less than $20 (Castrol GTX 5W-20 from Walmart $13 for 5-quart jug).
    Inspect front and rear brakes - probably okay - not need replacement
    Check parking brake adjustment - probably okay
    Inspect these 7 items (probably okay - visual check):
    1.Tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
    2.Suspension components
    3.Driveshaft boots
    4. Brake hoses and lines (including ABS)
    5. All fluid levels and condition of fluids
    6. Exhaust system
    7. Fuel lines and connections
  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    A dealer in the PHX area charges less than $30.00 for oil and filter, plus they check all kinds of things and wash it also. The in cabin filter is easy to change by yourself, by dropping the glovebox door, opening a "drawer" where the filter is,take it out, put
    your new one in,close everything up and you saved $70.00 for 5 minutes of work.

    It is easy to DIY oil and ATF changes also if you invest in some basic equipment. Air filter is also easy to change every 30k miles.
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