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The Honda CRX

entropic1entropic1 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Honda
Hi everyone.

If you are reading this, I am assuming you ethier
own one, or wish to own one.

In ethier case, I encourage you to check out This is a website with in depth
information reguarding every facet of these cars,
including a discussion forum and on-line classified



  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    bnormann & I have a Honda CRX and we like it just fine. Any other satisfied CRX fans? Lurkers, tell us what you think about this late, great car.

  • the reason I bring it up is I want to give all CRX Fans plenty of warning time before our annual CRXPO in Northern California. This year, we expect over 100 CRXs and owners, and a ton of fun.

    Check out for more details, and we look to seeing you and bnormann there.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Sure, take a look. And then hurry home and tell us what you think. :-)

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    Didn't Honda quit making the CRX?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Yes, they did but it still has plenty of fans around.

  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    Great car. Died an undignified death along with the MR2 and the (urrghh!) Fiero. I hope someday 2-seater sport coupes will be back in fashion, preferably in place of the Tyranasaurus SUVs.

    While Mister 2 is a more entertaining car to drive mostly due to its mid-engine RWD setup, the CRX has a better balance between fun and practicality.
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    Mighty fun car for Auto-Xing, might I add. Short wheelbase, quick steering and light weight. The only thing I remember was that the gearing could've been a little tighter. But then, that was an '85 I drove.
  • thornthorn Posts: 91
    I have an '84 CRX 1.5 that I bought new, having waited @ 7 months (I had paid only $500 over list and the dealer was subsequently getting much more -Honda forced them to give me a car when I complained.)

    When I got the CRX I had the bottom painted white to match the rest and added 14X6 Weds Turbo wheels (alloy) and 195hr60 Yokohamas.

    In 1987 I added air conditioning with a Honda coupon that installed it for @$450. The air works great and was recharged last year.

    Only problem I've had has been seizing brake calipers, the result of winter salt and probably the wheels. Hasn't happened for about 7 years.

    Car has 181,000 miles and original clutch - which still shows no wear. Problem is underbody rust - though the car looks pristine, the jack points and rockers are rusted out. Dealer says that's how all the CRX's go in the NE, claims the engine will last for 600,000.

    Been checking out the new Hondas and like the HX, EX and SI coupes. From what I can see the HX is actually faster that the EX, but like the SI it comes in really lousy colors. The EX is too loaded - don't what garbage like a moonroof. And the SI looks like it will be extortion bait.

    It is true that Honda will wait until 2001 to bring out new model Civic and especially CRX?

    If that's the case I might just jump ship for a new Jetta Turbo Diesel - 50 mpg and better looks than the Civic.

    btw, aren't the Civics galvanized? The Jetta is.
  • n299n299 Posts: 3

    I'm considering a CRX as my first car, ( I'm 17 ) but I've heard they're extremely expensive to fix and they break down often... is this true?

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Brandon, my husband & I have a 1991 Honda CRX and we haven't had to do any really expensive work on it. The CRX isn't made anymore so be sure to have a trusted mechanic check your potential purchase carefully before you buy.

  • lex28lex28 Posts: 5
    Why did Honda drop the CRX in 92 and replace it with the Del Sol? Why?!??!?! =(
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    I've heard rumors that Honda is going to start making the CRX again! I don't know the depth of truth involved here, but as things are on the internet, who knows. I think it may just be in the concept stages, but Honda is planning a "CRX-like" model that may not even be called CRX at all to debut in the next 2 years or so.

    ANybody else know if this is true? The pictures I have seen of the alleged NeoCRX look quite nice, as if Honda finally realized the money they could make by selling add-ons to the multitudes of kids who are customizing their hondas.
  • camaroboycamaroboy Posts: 6
    I drive a Camaro and when it was in the garage I got to drive my friends CRX and I loved it. I never liked the looks of them but if you do they are great cars until you hit about 85mph then they sound like there going to fall apart so don't go that fast or buy a Camaro.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    You're right about the 85mph thing. Fortunately, in my daily commute, I don't drive that fast. Up to 80mph though, it's great. I think of mine as a large form of go-kart.

  • xanaxxanax Posts: 1
    I had an 87 civic hf.(crushed by a RYDER truck two weeks ago) :(
    It never shook at all,
    even at 110mph. (downhill)
    I find it hard to believe that a CRX would be that unstable at only 85mph.

    I'm currently shopping for a CRX, si would be nice. Anyone trying to sell one in the southeast U.S. E-me [email protected]
    88-92 only please
    must be 5 sp.
  • boredomboredom Posts: 1
    I've got a 87 CRX Si with well over 200k miles on it and it does over 80 mph everyday with no problems. It also still gets about 33 mpg. The only problem that this car has with speed is up around 100 mph or higher, the engine is just too small and has to run too hard.
  • I have to agree 100% with you. My second car is a '89 CRX Si with only 81k miles. Even going between 80-90 mph, I get 35 mpg. This is the best car that I ever had, but I have notice too that after 105-110 mph, is like the car would have an "invisible-wall" that stops it. Anyway, the maximum speed that I was able to get from this car was 125 mph in 4th. gear at 6,800rpm.
    The problem is the final ratio, is toooooo laaaaarge for a 1.6 liter and the car has trouble to gain speed after 100 mph.
    Anyway, from 0 to 100 mph is very, very fast.
  • erik22erik22 Posts: 1
    I bought an '88 CRX 3 years ago, the thing had 60k miles, and now has 120k, it has been fantastic. I totally agree with you about the speed barrier, after 100 mph forget it. Does your CRX emit a small amount of blue smoke out the exhaust every once in a while? I have been faithful about changing the oil every 3k miles, but who knows how the previous owners treated the car. I was just wondering if it was common, I've heard others say that it is.
  • No, my car only emit a bit of black smoke when I switch gears at 7000 rpm...let's say when I "kill" the engine tryin' to go as fast as I can.
    I really think I got a lottery with my 89 CRX Si, I bought it one year ago as a second car for just only...$900! The car was in horrible paint condition, needed 4 new tires, a new axle and exhaust. But the engine was in OUTSTANDING conditions, no vibrations, shaking, smoke, oil lickin...and only 68,600 miles. I spent almost $600 dollars on it, and after this little investment, I put 13,000 miles on the car with "zero" problems. The car is fast, great on gas, reliable and fun to drive. (I rather prefer it better than my other car, a 95 Mitubishi 3000GT-SL!)
    I use MOBIL 1 Synthetic oil, and I change the oil every 7,500 miles...remember that synth. oil allows you to change it later.
    Anyway, don't worry about the little blue smoke, in a car with 120k miles is normal that sometimes the engine smokes some oil.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    What kinda CRX are you driving Rollerfunk? Don't get me wrong, I used to have a CRX and they are a lot of fun to drive, but it's not because they're fast. They handle fairly well and they're so small it is like driving an oversized go cart. But 0-60 is in the high 8's for an Si, and I'm guessing 0-100 is over 20 seconds or so, not exactly blinding speed.
  • Hello all!

    Just relocated to the city and thinking of selling my expensive car in favor of a cheap used CRX. I've read lots of positives on reliability and the "fun-to-drive" factor, but does anyone know anything about safety ratings? As it weighs something like 2000lbs and is a 2-seater, I would think safety would be worse than average. Also, how about insurance for this car? I don't plan on driving it more than twice a week as I commute on the train.

    Thanks folks!

  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    My experience has been awful re. insurance. Geico adds a "Performance Surcharge" to the rate because it is a two-seater. Total BS.....
    I pay ~$1k per year for a 39 yr old male in Washington DC {%^(

  • To sesterhs,

    I have a '90 CRX and the insurance rates aren't bad because at this point the car itself isn't worth much and most of my insurance cost goes toward covering the risk of potentially injuring someone else in an accident (I'm obviously not an insurance agent, but I believe that's "liability"). Two-seaters ARE penalized, true, but it's much less of a real hit when the car is ten years old.

    In terms of safety, you're taking your chances. It is a little car, shorter, I believe, than the old Fiat X/19. And, it doesn't have "modern" safety features - air bags, anti-lock brakes, etc. If you get hit (or if I do), it probably wouldn't be pretty. On the other hand, there's what's called "active safety," the ability to AVOID an accident before it happens, and in that sense the CRX would be superior because it handles very well and is quite stable. Visibility is also good. Still, overall I wouldn't exactly call it a "safe" car when compared to others which also handle pretty well and surround the driver with more metal. If you want a safe, fun small car and you want low monthly payments you may want to consider leasing a VW New Beetle or Golf, or another newer vehicle. Good luck!!!
  • ataieataie Posts: 84
    you may want to drop /change your insurance company. I'm 39 and Allstate gave me a quote for less than $300 for six months.

    I'm thinking about getting a CRX as a first car for my soon to be 16 son. He likes the look of those cars and the potential for 'fixing it up' adding graphics, exhust, etc, just for look and not racing.

    Any idea as which model is best? should I go with the latest year (ie 1991) or say the cleanest (ie, 1988)? I really apprecite some feedback on this and anything specific I should look for when buying a CRX.

  • I just bought a '91 CRX Saturday for my 17 yr old son. I hadn't even thought of it as a sports car, as far as insurance quotes, so that 2seater biz scared me for a minute. state farm considers it a subcompact econo class, tho, whew!!! Anyway, he is pleased! This is a BIG change for him-last ride was 87 Caddy S-dvl- the "pimpmobile" as the buds called it. all well and good, but a t-total gas hog.wouldn't ever admit to mom that it kept him broke, but once he was rearended and insurance totalled it out, he was circling small cars. i am amazed at the mpg of this little blue jewel. i have figured, based on what we put on it this weekend, it's getting 39-41 ( a far FAR cry from the 9-10 of dearly departed CAD) Any ideas from CRX lvrs into thumping? the cargo space looks ideal for a really phat system. any experience out there????
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    kid and youre asking how much of a system he can fit in it? Ick. Tell me it's not an Si, so you're at least not wasting what can be a decent little performer. Bass systems are annoying for everyone over the age of 18, and they dont know any better. You should.
  • Everybody's gotta have a hobby! We live in a relatively rural area, not much for kids to do and they have meets, competitions,etc. beats alot of other things kids do these days. What can I say? He's not into 4-H! I'm not buying the system- I just want to make sure he doesn't overload and mess up the car. SOOOO...anyone with knowledge about my original question,how much can a CRX hold amp/watt-wise without killing it?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    Just think...Long term hearing loss....!

    Please, be a responsible parent and be watchful for the welfare of your child!

    Oh, I know, none of my business! Still, I had to say it!

    Good Luck!
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