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Really enjoying the Veracruz

worldrevolverworldrevolver Posts: 19
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
Anyone else just pleased to own a Veracruz?

The seats are so comfortable, the a/c system gets up to temp promptly, XM radio is a diverse treat, the ride is smooth and quiet, visibility is good in all directions, plenty of power under the hood, etc.

I just enjoy every second I have been in this vehicle so far and look forward to getting into it each day!

Came to this vehicle from a 1997 Trooper. The Trooper was a champion but did not have the comfort and amenities present in the Veracruz.

Gaga for Veracruz? I think I am.


  • I feel the same way you do except I am not subscribing to XM.

    Took it to the Sierra Nevadas towards Lake Tahoe after a snowstorm in the morning. Veracruz gripped to the road like a champion. Felt very stable and powerful heavy underneath going about 40-50 mph under snow on road conditions. Practiced the Shiftronics too a few times as recommended. Throughout the trip I used the AWD lock as well.

    The ride is remarkable passed the impressed stage now.

    Had a full load of passengers into Reno after and the first thing commented on inside was - alot or room.

    I hope this vehicle will last long.

    2008 LMTD AWD
  • My wife and I were ready to buy a Santa Fe when the dealer told us about an extra $2K discount they were offering (on top of the $4K Rebate). We drove the Veracruz - loved it - and never looked back. Not two weeks after we got it, I drove from the midwest to Denver, through snow storms and sub zero temps - loaded to the gills with my 2 adult children, my grand daughter and a load of houshold goods. It drove wonderfully, was smooth, quiet and I felt absolutely confident in the way it handled the weather. I really - REALLY - enjoy driving it. My wife loves it because it drives "like a car", but has the room of a minivan.
  • "Drives like a car" Absolutely.

    About 5 years ago I was on a business trip and rode in a clients car. He owned a Cadillac that was only about a year old and I wish I could remember exactly which one it was. Regardless, what I remember is just how amazingly quiet the engine was and how smooth and powerful it felt. He liked to show it off, accelerating quickly from stoplights and such.

    The Veracruz is the first car I have ridden in since that experience that delivers a very similar feel.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Ditto, and to make sure I don't get too used to it, I drive my Camry Hybrid every day, so when I do take the VC out, it is like a special treat for me. I also want to keep it as new looking as possible for as long as possible, and it ticks me off to no end when the kids make a mess in it. I didn't want to drive it in the snow to avoid getting the snow/salt mix inside, but it happened anyway and I'm bummed, waiting for warm weather so I can clean it out and make it pristine again.

    To me the VC is like some other guys sports car that he takes out on a clear sunny day. When the weather warms up this spring I plan to run a few tanks of premium through it and see if what Hyundai claims holds true, more power!!! :)
  • acdii,

    not sure if you are interested in these but I got them for my VC and love them.

    Weathertech floormats. I bought the digital fit versions and they are exactly as described and fit perfectly. These have kept my gray interior spotless. The drivers side mat even rides up on the left floor board "foot block" high enough to prevent getting anything on that carpeted section.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Yep, I have those, problem I have is they seem to like to ride up and expose a small portion of the carpet, I need to find a way to get them to stay put, maybe some velcro on the back. The nubs used for the factory mats are causing this. Its the big footed Teen that tends to push the mats out of the way in the back seats, no matter how many times I dope slap him! ;)
  • how easy is it to get into the 3rd row. I have 3 young boys and I need the 3rd row.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Pretty easy, there is a hand hold in the wheel well inside where you can pull yourself up into the back, the Seats move real easy, there is a lever on the side of the seat back you flip up and the whole seat slides forward. With the seat forward there is enough room that if you have a car seat in the third row like I do, it is easy to climb in there to buckle the kid in.
  • jrsactownjrsactown Posts: 10
    My Wife and I love our 07 Veracruz Limited AWD. We were one of the first 500 VC owners. Purchased on Mothers Day May 07, for $33,000+tax
    Now have 27,000 miles and no major problems at all. TPMS light was fixed,headlights adjusted, and recall on fuel filter, all under warranty.
    Getting 20 MPG on average
    To make it look more sporty, I added a front mask, and custom door mouldings, really helps keep dents away. I also added gold plating to name badges.
    Next purchase will be a new dark floor mats, the beige interior shows the dirt.
    Highly recomend the VC
  • scott613scott613 Posts: 14
    650 were sold in April 2007, so how could you be one of the first 500?

    link title

    I have owned mine since April 07 and also, so far no major problems, but a few under warranty repairs:

    -weatherstripping on both rear doors came loose
    -all 4 chrome door handles became discolored
    -the top latch on the center console broke
    -turn signals will occasionally stop making the "clicking" sound when they are on. Tech at the dealership said it could be 1 of 3 parts causing the problem, but at over $1000 each he can't/won't order them until the problem happens for him.
  • Wow. At $1000 each how do they keep the price of this vehicle around and under $30000?

    That's US military part pricing! :)
  • Wow! I haven't been this excited to drive since I was 16 and got my learner's permit and felt the freedom! We went from a Chrysler MiniVan to the Veracruz. It's so luxurious feeling inside and I love that it drives like a car, not truck. Dealer had to "find" one for us but wanted our sale so beat our lowest price and the one we ended up getting had a few extras we didn't pay for but didn't turn down like bluetooth, etc. Drives great for the first 78 miles I have on it! And can't beat that new car smell!
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Congrats, hope you enjoy it and have it as trouble free as I do. over 1 year and nearly 13000 miles, and not a single complaint or problem.
  • xquuzmexquuzme Posts: 18
    Still loving my '07 Veracruz Limited. Now with 27K. I still get a strong sense of enjoyment every time I drive it. Get compliments all the time.

    Got the headlight issue solved (was dangerous) and recently had to have the idler arm (?) replaced under warranty. Held up well when rear-ended last winter (low speed). Have installed a Webelectric 3rd brakelight pulser now, which often seems to have a positive effect on traffic behind me. Am going to install their DLR system.

    Still wondering about why the lights dim and blower motors slows briefly with downshifting. Dealer says it's normal. I'm not so sure.
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