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Kia Sedona Flashers and horn beep at random times

krammkramm Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Kia
it seems the anti theft system has an issue.
while parked, the horn and flashers go off without warning at random times.

any ideas how to fix it? the local dealer had never heard of this before.


  • YES!! We have the same problem! The horn/flashers/lights go off at random times! My hubby swore I was playing a joke on him when it kept doing it one day. I wasn't - but it took him a while to believe it. I mean why would the horn/flashers randomly go off???
    Of course, the dealership says- really? Never heard of that problem. BS! We had to sue Kia because our van would buck and the check engine light would come on. Again, and again, again.... they had 8 chances to fix it until we hired a lawyer. Amazing- it was fixed then!!! So far anyways... it's been a year so fingers crossed. NOW the engine sounds like it's going to blow up - so it has to go BACK in for the zillionth time (or so it seems) I am very disappointed with the Kia... ours is a LEMON :lemon:
  • matt102matt102 Posts: 2
    I also have the same problem, and the dealer says they can't fix it unless it does it while it's with them. Do you have any idea how your dealer fixed it? If not, can you tell me which dealership it is and I will contact them myself? Thanks!
  • mom48mom48 Posts: 1
    This has been happening to me for the last several hours! I click the "lock" button on my key fob and it stops. Then it starts again. What is wrong? It's 2 in the morning, my neighbors are gonna flog me!
  • matt102matt102 Posts: 2
    The problem with my van ended up being something with a hood sensor - I think a sensor that that was malfunctioning and thought the hood wasn't engaged. I'm not sure why this would sound the horn except that it is a sort of security feature.
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