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TPMS Light comes on in cold weather

coolpetecoolpete Posts: 30
edited April 2014 in Honda
Lately as it has gotten colder in my area I am noticing that the TPMS light comes on when I start the car and it stays on for up to 10-20 mins at times and then goes away once you have driven the car for some miles.

I looked at the tires and I don't see any tire that seems to have low tire pressure. I am thinking that this is because the tires are cold overnight and once they run a little they get back to the normal air pressure??

I am not sure if I should be taking the car to the dealer for this or not? It is happening now on a daily basis, I don't feel the car driving any differently.

Did not have this issue 6 weeks ago when the temperature was not going below freezing.

Has anyone else had this issue?


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