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My buddy just bought an 2005 Liberty with the Mercedes 2.8L diesel in it. Everything was great until it's been -20* F for the last three mornings here in the Twin cities. It won't start. He called a Chrysler dealership which in turn called Chrysler and found there is no block heater in it and Chrysler doesn't even offer one for that motor.

Is this correct? What are others doing for cold weather starting?



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    My 06 Lib/crd has no block heater and as far as I know it was never part of the Lib/crd family. Maybe you can try for an aftermarket unit.
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    I found out that Chrysler can reflash the computer with a new extreme cold weather program that will keep the manifold heater on longer.

    We're also going to check with Mercedes to see what they have for that block.
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    The 2.8L diesel in the 2005 Liberty is a VM Motori Italian diesel engine. The cord for the block heater is wadded up and wire-tied to the dipstick tube below the engine cover. It only needs to be plugged in for a couple of hours and the engine starts fine.
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    My Liberty has a block heater. the engine is actually a Motori eng. made in northern Italy. The co. is owned by Detroit Diesel, I think. Block heater has half the power that my 7.3 has so it will not keep eng warm enough. What speed doest yout liberty shift into its highest gear? Mine at 64mph.
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    i just wanted to say thank you for posting this. i live in Michigan and i bought my jeep diesel back in may. now that it is getting colder outside it has been a bare to start in the morning. i have asked around and keep getting told that my jeep did not have a plug on it and that it would be fine. now i just have to figure out how to get the plug out to where i can use it every night. or am i going to have to pop the hood inorder to plug it in. thank you again.

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    so is the 2.8 a mercedes or motori eng?
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    2.8 is a VM Motori
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    if it was the original 3.7L V6 in the liberty then it does have one because my 04 has one but not sure about that 2.8L
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    I found it! Thanks a million! Now I understand why the original owner never found it. Because of where it is located. The Jeep dealers had no clue. It's a sad state when the customers know more about the product then the "experts". Thanks again for sharing you knowledge. You saved me alot of headaches.
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