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Hi. I have a 2007 Outlander LS. My leather-wrapped steering wheel has developed some problems. It started with one area on the left side, maybe 3" long, where the leather was...I'm not even sure how to describe it. It's a damaged area that has little horizontal ridges running across the long vertical "scratch". I thought maybe my son had done something to it, but then I had more of these areas appear, one on the top and one on the bottom of the steering wheel. These areas are both about 1" long. I know that I didn't do anything to it, and nobody else has driven the car recently. Has anyone else experienced problems with the leather steering wheel, or is it just me? Thanks.


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    I have that issue. I to thought I had scratched it with god knows what. I only have the "scratch" in one area. I also have a clicking noise when i turn the steering wheel that some other folks have described on this forum. The car interior was built with low rent materials and it shows.
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    Do you think it could be caused by cold weather? I know that my low tire pressure warning comes on when it's very cold. If this is an issue with materials, I wonder if Mitsubishi would fix it? It seems stupid to me that the leather wrap is part of the steering wheel. Why didn't they design it to be easily removed and replaced in case of damage? I don't see any way of fixing it other than replacing the steering wheel or covering it with a Wheelskins or something.
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    My Outlander GT is only 1-month old and the stitches on the leather seat cover of the driver’s seat (door side) started to become loose and the prognosis is that the stitches on the leather cover will start to deteriorate and eventually the joints detach all together.

    I took it to the dealer and after some deliberation I was told that a new leather cover will come next week to replace the damaged one. Let’s see.
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