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Acura MDX Tires

msammsam Posts: 15
edited February 2014 in Acura

I am looking at buying a 2009 Acura MDX base. The tires on them seem to be the Bridgestone H/L (I believe 400). The other higher models seem to come with Michelins. Looking at the reviews and survey results of this specific tire on, I am unsure of its snow handling capability. Could anyone with these tires comment on how your MDX with SH-AWD handles with these tires?



  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    I have an 08' that came with the Bridgestone tires and I replaced them after 2000 miles. I found the Bridgestones provided a harsh/noisy ride and during the first major snow fall they performed terribly (traction control light was on constantly). I ended-up buying the OEM Michelins. It was expensive but worth it. Even though the Bridgestone tires are relatively close in price to the Michelins, there is no comparison between the two in quality.
  • msammsam Posts: 15
    Thanks. I took the plunge and bought a 2009 Acura MDX Base with these Bridgestone tires last week. One snow storm and so far so good. I will wait and decide on when to change these tires out.
  • Has anyone had success on getting a dealer to switch the Bridgestone Dueler tires on the MDX base madel with the Michelin Latitude that seems to be the OEM on all the MDX models (technology, sport, etc.)? It seems the Bridgestones are universally thought to be inferior tires. I do not want the technology or higher end MDX models, so does this mean I have to settle on the inferior Bridgestone tires that come standard on the base model?
  • Good luck with that one! The Michelins are much more expensive and I wasn't happy w/ the mileage we got out of them, around 23k miles. I switched to bridgestones on our '07 MDX Sport, so far so good. I got 40k miles from the Mich's on our '04 MDX.
  • anizaranizar Posts: 1
    I have a MDX and am wondering what the average mileage people are getting out of their Michelin Latitude tires?
  • I am just dealing with this on my '07 MDX. I have 34000 miles and need new tires. I have the Michelins and have been perfectly happy with them. Will probably replace with the same ones. Was looking on here to see if people had good/bad experiences with them but it looks like these are the ones to go with. I can't complain about the mileage - I think 34000 is decent. Just my opinion.
  • :D I need to replace the original Michelin Latitude Tour HP P255/55 R18 tires on my leased vehicle. The MDX goes back to the dealer in August 2010, and am wondering if anyone knows if it has to be returned with the exact same tires or can I simply buy a "comparable" set of 4?
  • precabprecab Posts: 11
    My neighbor and I have 2008 MDX's with Michelin Latitude stock tires and they are horrible. After 12k in miles and halfway through the tread, they make a lot of noise now even perfectly balanced etc. They have taken from the car's enjoyment and the only fix is to spend on replacements for $600-900 as the 18"s are not cheap. Don't assume based on the above the Michelin's are better. These 08's were sold in Texas and to have both vehices duplicate the problem says volumes about last years stock tires.

    As for the car, I'm very pleased with it minus losing the quiet car fully loaded to the tire noise.

    I should ad this issue is only for the new car stock inventory, as the car company bid out the platform to the lowest bidder. Buying replacement tires retail you won't likley see the same problem as the quality of the tires from a new tire dealer should avoid poor quality. The alenza from Bridgestone is a highly engineered replacement tire having done some homework. Put them on my wife's XC90 and very quiet.
  • brucebadbrucebad Central Coast, CAPosts: 9

    I have a 2008 MDX and put on Michelins. The ride is quiet and smooth—no complaints so far.

  • i bought my 2009 with the bridgestone duelers on it. i didn't really know much about tires. About 3 years later I took the car in for maintenance and they told me I had to change my tires. I didn't even think about it, and they were amazed that I got 55,000 miles on them. I purchased a cheap tire to replace them. Bad idea. I only got 25,000 miles out of those and now I am going back to Bridgestone Dueler. They handled well on snow and ice, rain. They were fairly quiet. They probably aren't the "best" tire out there, but for the price, they are perfect for me!
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