Porsche Service Dept Treatment VS BMW, Lexus, Mercedes

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Hi All,

I'm in the market for a new SUV. Last car Lexus GX 470.

Lexus dealership was courteous, always had a Lexus loaner. However, anything covered under warranty was always met with the same response, "oh that clunk sound is normal, or we don't detect any brake grind noise". With my older Lexus, which was out of warranty I'd get, "Oh yeah, I hear that mouse-like noise. That'll be $1500 to fix." So rose pedal treatment dipped in BS was the result of my Lexus SD experience.

If I go with the Cayenne what can I expect? I'm buying a 2008 at auction so I'll have to take it to a dealer for service.

Do I get a loaner while it's being serviced even if I didn't buy it from that particular dealership? Do they give you a Porsche or a...Ford to drive?

Anyone dealt with BMW or Mercedes service depts?


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    I bought a used 05 Cayenne S 2 years ago with 18K miles. The Service department at the local Porsche Dealership has been absolutely perfect to deal with. They always give a Porsche loner car (this is different dealer to dealer) I have been so happy with their service of my 1st Porsche (I was a BMW person before) i bought a 911 S from from them last year.

    Good luck with the 08 - get the 8 cylinder S or GTS. The Cayenne 6 just does not have enough get up and go.....
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    I appreciate the insightful response. You would think they have to know they may have a customer for life if they treat you right, even if you didn't purchase your first Porsche from them. You would think that's the case...

    I asked this question on another forum and a gentleman said he bought his Porsche dealer gifts for Christmas to make sure he's treated right. I was disappointed to read his comment. I don't mind showing my appreciation but I would hope there's a standard of "great treatment" already in place and the gift is just a gesture NOT an incentive.

    I have been questioning my decision to buy the Cayenne. Great service is high on my list of priorities although I'd rather purchase a car that just needs routine maintenance. I think I've got a good chance that all the kinks have been worked out with the 08' model (S or Turbo).

    Thank you again, I didn't think I'd ever get a response.
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    Did you went on to buying the Cayenne?
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    My children have a 2010 Porsche Cayenne and a 2010 Acura MDX. The Porsche service is incredible always providing a new Porsche loaner. Hand washing the car on return. The Acura MDX is a totally different story. The dealer is not willing to provide a loaner and to get one you need to insist. The Acura dealer is definitely not as exacting as the Porsche dealership. The Porsche dealership wants to satisfy and retain a customer. Friends of my sons who own Porsche's all rave about the dealer's service too. No matter what dealership they bought their Porsche's from. My son's Porsche is from Brumos Porsche where they are simply great. Acura of The Avenues where the MDX was purchased leaves a great deal to be desired, they in my opinion simply do not care.

    Interestingly the Porsche was purchased as a demo and the MDX with every bell and whistle brand new. The Porsche no problems, the MDX problems and the dealership.
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    Just as long as you don't purchase your Porsche from Barrier in Bellevue WA, the sales manager there will totally SCREW you given the chance. Not ever used their service shop (AVID DIY) but have reason to believe them to be excellent.
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