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'99 Passport/Rodeo passenger engine bank not firing

chixwithtrixchixwithtrix Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Honda
I'm working on a '99 2wd automatic passport with the V6 engine. The passenger side engine bank is not firing -

- we've swapped the ignition coils from the good side to the bad side - no change. Did the same for the injectors and spark plugs - no change.
- pull the injector wiring or coil packs on passenger cylinders and no change in the engine's running, but if we pull anything on the drivers side bank the engine runs extremely rough and tries to die
-check engine light is on
- Pulled the fuel rail to see if the injectors were firing and all 6 were, the coil packs will arc visibly when grounded.
- there is a popping noise coming from the intake tube when revved
- engine has a small vibration, but it doesn't sound too bad
-put a fluke meter on the injector wires and they alternate b/w 8.x and 10.x volts on either side.

We're thinking some kind of electrical problem or timing issue? What could cause this? How can we find out? Is a camshaft position sensor the same as crank position sensor? Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  • I noticed that this post was about a month ago, I was wondering if you located the prob as of yet? Ive got a 1999 Passport V6 4wd, with the EXACT same symptoms. definitely a mind boggler. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
  • jerrys4jerrys4 Posts: 1
    This is a follow up to a previous unresolved problem. I replaced the engine in my daughter’s 99 Honda Passport 4dr,2wd,A/T,LX,3.2, which she had driven without oil and seized the engine up. The new (used) engine started and ran briefly (a minute or two) then quit. Restarted it a couple of times. While it ran briefly, I could not get the rpm to stay steady by giving it gas. It finally stopped running altogether. The fuel pump quit working (coincidence?) so we replaced it. Never has fired a lick since. Indicates no fuel pulse and no spark. Code says low frequency from the crankshaft position sensor; changed that and the camshaft sensor for good measure. No luck. Someone told me I have to reset the anti theft system ??? How do I do that? Thanks for your help again.
    Jerry Stephens
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