Mercedes Benz Tex vs Leather

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I'm about to buy a 2009 ml 320 "bluetec" for my wife and have yet to decide between leather and mb tex. The salesman (of course) said that mb ex is great... better than leather... holds up well. I've never yet had a car with vinyl seats. All advice with respect to leather vs mb tex appreciated.


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    Just noticed your post and ironically enough, I just commented on the comfort of ML's seats over Q7's over in the Audi forum. I have the Tex and honestly nobody knows the difference between it and leather. People are surprised when I say it's not leather. They are extremely comfortable and wear well. I had a Range Rover previously and I have to say I LOVE the ML 350 more-comfort, drive, mileage, etc. It's one of my most favorite cars we've ever owned.
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    How did you like the MB Tex Leather? I am in the same boat as you and need some feedback.
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    I have the NB Tex and it is great. No one knows the difference. You really can't tell that it is not leather.
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    Have to say it held up pretty well and this was my kid car - so that means all sorts of bio-material was tossed on it (stuck to it for long periods of time) and jumped on, etc. I noticed no scuffs or tears, even where the baby/toddler seat was strapped in with 100lbs weights for well over a year. Cleaned up pretty well too.

    Only noticed some stretching from where the baby seat sat for a long time, not much but it was there if you looked, but no tear or rip.

    I got it again in our new ML and am happy with it.
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    I was in the dealership yesterday. I thought I wanted leather. The salesman push the Tex hard. Said 99.9% of the customers got it and that it held up better than leather with no wrinkles or creases after years of use. He even said it smelled the same. They had no leather on the lot to compare.

    I think I still want leather but will think about it a good bit due to the price differential.
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    I have 2001 E320 and 2007 ML550. I ordered them rather than picked from the lot. Both times, the saleman recommended the MB Tex. He could have made more commission with the leather option. I picked the leather both times. The leather in E320 has not held up well as expected. I would go for Tex next time.
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