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ChevyTrailblazer Noise from Rear Drivetrain

blmblm Posts: 4
Anyone know of any TSB relating to rear drivetrain noise/whine?
Anyone had rear end problems with your TB?


  • I have a 2006 Trailblazer and have vibration/rumble noises at 50-65 mph at 12K, replaced motor mounts, realigned drive train, new rear end gears, new torque converter, and still have the same problem at 19K. Most noticable when torque converter is locked up and accelerating the vehicle bet 50-165 mph. Most vibration in gas pedal but noise from the rear. :confuse:
    Anybody else?
  • kspepkspep Posts: 1
    Has anyone had problems with noise in the rear end. It has a tendency to make a popping sound when i turn and sometimes when I back up. I recently had the transmission replaced. any ideas as to what it might be?
  • I had this same noise pulled my axels out to change bearings and found the 2 axle c clips were worn down. I changed both bearings and clips and the popping has gone away.
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