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Ithink hyundai do the best cars in the world for


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    Are you speaking of the Accent hatchback model?

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    After own a 95 Sonata GLS-V6, with no problems, and know owning a 98 Sonata GLS-V6, with no problems. I think Hyundai has come a long way since the first Excel's, Sonata's, and Elantra's.
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    We have a great time with our Accent Hatchback - we own it for 3 years, drove 40,000 miles and did not have a single problem. Especially I like the gas mileage - we drove from PA to FL and spent only $80 on gas! Just for references, AmTrak ticket to Florida costs $299 for one person.

    I know Accent is a good nice car, and I want to sell it to good people. Sometimes they ask: Why do you get rid of this car, what's wrong with it?
    I don't know why they ask this question, but my answer it: NOTHING WRONG, it is a great hatchback.
    Perfect for driving, and acceleration is very good (always ahead of other cars and SUVs!). Anyway, if someone is interested to get a used good Accent, visit my site:

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    I think hyun, billys, and ACCENT are all the same person. Maybe trying to use Edmunds to sell a Hyundai??? Not nice trying to fool us!
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    pam2 - what is YOUR problem? Are you here to complain about everything? I checked your messages on the board and have not find anything related to automobiles. Are you trying just to spend time on the Net? Get a life!
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    This posting was good for a laugh! :) Not much in the way of info though. Good luck Hyundai owners. From what I've heard of Hyundais, you'll need it.
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    I suspect that (s)pam2 and zhacharylaurie is just one person. You better laugh when you have nothing to say ;)
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    I don't see you denying anything. I guess that makes me right.

    Too bad this thing doesn't also have a grammar check for Billys.
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    Sure, you are right (hope you feel better now). I wrote all messages on Edmunds boards, including message #9 in this topic.

    If you think English is the only language in the world, think again.
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    Not only is English not the only language in the world( a VERY astute observation on your part), it's also not a language written by you. It was easy to see all of the postings were by the same person, due to the savage abuse given the written word in every one. The same grammatical mistakes were in every posting.....Good job Pam. Hyundais are what they claim to transportation with an extended warranty. The warranty isn't much of a selling point if the biggest claim to fane is that you'll always use it. Have a nice day
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    Thanks for the compliment! I like your description of his use of the English language!! At least I'm not the only one who saw it! :)
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    Surely the Town Hall is not the place for savage abuse, grammatical or otherwise! :-) Let's talk about cars and not one another.

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    carlady: I agree with you, that's what I was trying to point out in posting #5. I have not heard an opinion on Hyundais from somebody with the name pam2, except remarks about spelling and grammar.

    emmett1: I skip 2/3 of your remarks about YOUR savage abuse (well again, think thrice then if you think English is the only language people speak and learn). Regarding Hyundais: If it is cheap and acceptable transportation plus it has a good warranty - what's wrong with it? Also Accent is the same class as Honda Civic, but costs $4,000 less, and there is no difference in comfort and driving these cars (recent Hyundai design is much better than Civic). Your point: ... well, it's cheap transporation... well, it has a nice extended warranty... but I drive a car that costs twice more and has no warranty..., well, that's why Hyundai is not good enough. Have a nice day too!
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    OK, Billys, here's my comments about Hyundais.

    I think they're crap and would never buy one. Cheap, yes. But unreliable, definitely. You get what you pay for. If you don't pay much, then you don't get much. Resale value is horrible as well.

    And no need to play innocent with Carlady. You were the first one with a nasty remark to me. All I did was point out that I thought all the postings came from the same person. The reason behind my conclusion was the poor use of grammar that was found in all the posts.
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    Hyundai is one of the fastest growing car companies, and with their recently redesigned Sonata, they now meet the quality standards of honda and toyota, (they said so themselves), i have a 98 ACCENT GSi and i am trading it in For a Tiburon FX this summer,
    my $0.02
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    pam2, I respect you opinion even if you don't have one. I did not force you to say anything about Hyundais, it would not be good comment anyway. Since you have not driven it (I assume from your comments), you can't say if it's good or bad. Check out comments about Hyundais from other people on this forum and you'll see that you are alone. Also, you are not a good detective, pam2. If I would try to simulate responses from other people, you would not even notice that. And thank you for spotting a poor use of grammar - you really get excited about that.
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    Alone??? Hardly! Anyone with half a brain knows that Hyundais are crap. Try taking off your blinders and have a look around.

    And try to remember what happens when you "assume" something.
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    Actually, I'm not pam2. I have no idea who she is. Unless she is an 18 year old male who attends Miami University in Oxford, Oh, she is not me. Maybe Hyundai has come a long way in reliability, but I have had many bad experiences with Hyundais. I'm buying a car this week over spring break, and because of my past experiences, I will not buy a Hyundai. The new ones may be very reliable, but the older ones are not (generally, there may be exceptions.)

    Personally, I don't agree with pam2 completely. Some people love Hyundais. I won't call them crap, because many people feel that my dream car, a Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable, is a crappy car. To each their own.
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    to #18:

    > Anyone with half a brain knows
    > that Hyundais are crap.
    LOL! Now I know that happens if the other half of a brain is removed or damaged! Well, it's a good argument for defense, but it does not prove that Hyundais are crap.

    to #19:
    As other fellow mentioned, there were problems with Hyundai Excel, which Hyundai has stopped manufacturing back in 1994. I personally have not heard of any problems with Accents, for example, and I know people who drove 150,000 miles on them without a problem.
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    I'll submit my two cents on the matter. I've owned a '89 Hyundai Sonata (I think it was the first Sonata offering in US). I've had problems with it, nothing too serious (no engine or powertrain failures). But they were annoying enought that I decided not to buy one for the next 10 years. I've not recommended it to any of my friends during same period. Recently however, I've had some indirect experiences with some of the newer models and have come to forgive Hyundai for their previous sins. 10 years is a long time and a lot can change in a decade. I don't believe that Hyundai could have survived this long without making some improvements somewhere. I actually think that its unwise to not consider a particular make just because you had a bad experience a long long time ago. I've had even more problems with my '92 Saab but bought another one after 6 years and haven't had a single problem with it so far. Hyundai's quality may still lag the likes of Hondas and Toyotas but the gap is far narrower than it was during the 80s. But the gap in price difference is still as wide as it was back then. This makes for a descent compromise, I think. 10 year warranty is a nice bonus on top of it.

    Zach, weren't you defending the domestics brands (i.e. Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable) when Honda lovers considered them to be some sort of rubbish? Those Honda lovers trash talked the Taurus because they had bad experience with them in the past. And many have said that domestic brands have come a long way and that it wasn't fair to judge a make entirely based on its long past history. That was a good point. But the principle should apply universally, not just to Ford or Mercury. I understand the source of your reservations regarding Hyundais. I hope you limit your negative inclination to just Hyundais with which you have experience, and not to all Korean, Yugo, and other emerging market products in general. I am sure you will appreciate Honda lovers or others who won't disparage Ford cars in connection with their bad experience with Chrysler products.

    BTW, this is just my humble opinion. No ill will intended.
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    You're right! I think I was just in a bad mood when I posted that origional post. My experience was in a Scoupe. I don't think Hyundai even makes those anymore.

    No matter what other people think, just buy what makes you happy, and fulfills your needs. That is what is truly important!
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    bo_chung, car lady, et al.

    Often objective analysis is confused with various moral proclivities: just because you had a bad experience with a brand 5yrs ago doesn't mean the same is true now ("people can change, you know?"); and once a thief, always a thief!

    Reliability data from CAA and CR both indicate that Hyundai has made a significant improvement, if you look at data for automobiles of the same #years old in all cases. Whether that makes them of equal or lesser value to domestics or the Big3 Japanese (Honda,Toyota,Nissan) is a tough call. But the FACT that it's a tough call is itself an encouraging sign.

    Waxing poetic,
    Rick D.
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    anyone own an accent L .....its gunna be my first new car ..i drive a jeep renegade now ....just wondering if anyone has any "relevant" comments to make on the L ....;-)thanks
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    Can you define "gunna" first?
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    Think hard, pam. This is definitely not for 1/2-brainers.
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    Perhaps the correct spelling would help me? Or maybe I should brush up on my "alternate English".
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    I am as frustrated as the next literate person when I see misuse of grammar and incorrect spelling used in any written form. Believe me, it irks me to no end (I corrected all the errors in classmates' scribble in my yearbook from high school). However, I don't see how pointing out every little misuse, misspelling or incorrect use of slang is going to convince anyone of your argument. It shows that you enjoy picking on foreigners and less educated people over "your" language... and that isn't why we chat in this forum, or is it?

    I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but I think we should reserve postings for "relevant" opinions and information.
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    Thanks dicie. I work in an environment where our production documents are, literally, legal records. Nevertheless, that's there and this is here. I want to learn from other people's experiences and, hopefully, them to learn from mine as well. I do have a personal preference from things being class-free and not "cliquey". Long live the Net and cheap P.C.'s :-)
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    Well, this is the final year the current Accent will be offered (from what I have read) They are supposed to completely redesign it, maybe even rename it for the 2000 model year. Now is probably a great time to get a new Accent, especially with the 10-year warranty! Does anyone here have a 1997 - 1999 Hyundai? If so, how was your experience? The price is definately right!!
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    Re post #31, My daughter has a '97 Accent GS and we have had excellent luck so far, (about 32000 miles). The car is extremely practical for going back and forth from school and work. I was a little disappointed in the tires, they lasted about 25,000 miles and were not good in the rain. Depending on your use, I highly recommend the car.
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    I have a 1996 Hyundai Accent GS Hatchback with a 4-speed automatic transmission, cassette deck, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. I have owned the car since Feb 1996 and now have 89,000 miles on the car. Here is a list of what I have had to repair:

    Alternator ($400)
    Front struts ($450)
    Front brake rotors and pads, twice ($200; second time was covered under warranty, first wasn't)
    Front and rear wheel bearings ($400)
    Car speaker ($70 for one in the front)
    Timing Belt ($250)
    Oxygen sensor ($200)
    Rear drums and 1 wheel cylinder (warranty covered)

    This is in addition to $3,000 of preventative maintenance.

    In a nutshell, I think the Accent is a cheap car but repair costs are quite high if you intend to drive it many miles. Also, it is NOT for highways if you have the automatic.
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    I've owned my 98 Accent GL with the automatic for a little over a year, and the odometer is reading 23k. So far, I've had very good luck with this car, much better than the 98 Regal GS I just ditched last month! Like most realistic folks, I was very leery of the Hyundai reputation, but was won over when I actually looked at what I was getting, and THEN drove one. To the people that are trashing Hyundai, okay; but I do question whether you are speaking about the current offerings, or yesteryears models. I consider myself to be a very frugal consumer that insists on getting the best value for my money, and that was the Accent! To be fair, I'm planning to sell the car soon, as I need a folding rear seat for better cargo space (hopefully a VW Golf TDI is in the future!
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    I bought a 1999 Accent GSi in February 1999 from a new dealership in Colombia, Connecticut. The car and dealership have been a nightmare. There is a LOUD screaming noise present on moderate acceleration which Hyundai and the dealership claim to be a "design defect" caused by the exhaust system -- Hyundai's " Tech Line" has working on a "fix" for months but, to date, haven,t been able to fix it. In addition there is a host of other problems with the car. The AC doesn't work, there's a slow leak from one of the tires or alloy rims that they can't seem to fix, the seat belts won't recoil and get caught in the door, the radio is just about useless, the 100 Watt stero system stinks, speakers rattle etc.. The car's ergonomics are designed either to frustrate the driver or cause an accident. One more thing....the much touted 24 hour roadside Assistance.... they didn't come when I called for help....... Bad Car - idiots in the service department and I'm out $13,500!!! I'm going to make some "lemon signs" and alert others to this piece of crap ...."Driving Is Believing"....Right!!!!
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    Here are the various Hyundai's my family has owned:

    93 Elantra: good car, traded it in at about 75,000 with no problems for a 95 Elantra
    95 Elantra: we owned 2 of with 55,000 miles and one with 70,000 miles with no problems
    97 Elantra: once again, we owned 2 of these......the one we still have has over 35000 miles.......the other one a family member was speeding down a winding road at almost 100 mph....the car crumpled in all the right spots...he walked away with a few that is what i call a great car.
    97 Accent: this is my car...33,000 miles.......and like every car, no problems yet.
    i doubt these are just luck.....recent Hyundai cars are more reliable then most other cars out there. After that accident we bought a Kia Sephia to replace the Elantra......the Sephia is complete garbage.....horrendous build quality....the parking brake is shot, the drivers door has a fickle lock, and it sounds like the engine has serious ping....the car doesnt even has 20k miles on it. Hyundais are also more reliable than the Fords we have want to talk about bad cars....visit a Ford dealer. Good job Hyundai.
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    Hyundai and first impressions...
    Ultimately, this goes to show how important initial releases of a vehicle are as opposed to releasing crap and attempting to cover up for it later. Most car companies won't be in the game long enough to cover their mistakes.
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    You must have been seriously screwed by your mechanic!

    Alternator ($400) - This is about double what it should have cost you. A good Accent alternator runs $86.99 at NAPA. Labor..maybe 2 hours @ $50/hr, you shouldn't have paid more than $200.

    Front struts ($450) - These struts are $40-$50 apiece at most parts houses and are not difficult to change out.

    Front brake rotors and pads, twice ($200; second time was covered under warranty, first wasn't) - $200 for one axle is overpayment. You should've got both axles (all 4 wheels) done for $200.

    Front and rear wheel bearings ($400) - You either drive hard or your mechanic has a serious profit motive. Bearings these days are designed for 250K-plus. And they shouldn't have cost that much anyhow.

    Car speaker ($70 for one in the front) - I suppose that's OK but you could have changed it yourself in 30 minutes for $30 or less depending on the cost of your speaker.

    Timing Belt ($250) - Again somebody is either charging you $100/hr labor or something.

    Oxygen sensor ($200) - an oxygen sensor is the size of a spark plug and is right up front easy to reach. The most expensive O2 sensor I have ever bought was $46 for my mother's Celica. I changed it in 2 minutes while the car was cool before she went to work in the morning.

    I want the name of your mechanic so I can buy stock in the company. He sure is making a lot of money!
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    A couple of years ago I would have never considered buying a Hyundai. The 10/100 warranty caught my attention about a month ago. Also have heard good things from two new Hyundai owners at work. Just went to test drive one today and was pleasantly surprised. For $7995 and their throwing in floor mats and cargo net, you can't beat the value. Time will tell if I made a mistake buying one. It reminded me a lot of a 93 Eagle Summit I owned and drove for 200K.

    How was my gramma Pam2.
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    My brother bought an Accent this spring with manual transmission. We test drove a Sephia, an Esteem Wagon and an Accent. The Accent and the Esteem are obviously better built. After taking the price into account (7700 with AC), he went for the Accent. 7500 miles later it seems that it is a good car, reliable, tight, no rattles. I own a 98 Civic hatchback and I think the Accent has the same build quality. The Accent is actually quieter than the Civic. The only thing I don't like compared to my Civic is that it leans quite a bit more when turning (more body roll). Tires might also be of lower quality than the Civic's. Overall, I think this is an excellent car for this class.
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    Ok then.. i see all you people are talking about hyundai's reliability..
    i personally owned 2 hyundai's. I think the first was an old 88 or 89 excel..
    after 4 yrs i sold it and probobally recieved around 1k for the trade in.. that was pretty poor considering that the car was used rarely. Most of the time the car was in the shop for great amounts of time. Then when i traded that car in, i bought a 92 elantra gls. it was an ok decision.. The car was a little better than before. the reliability was still a problem
    i still own the 8 yr old hyundai. it went through 2 transmission. on its third right now.. its windshield wiper mechanism broke. the abs broke. The rear defogger isnt working.. and i am just gonna send it to the junk heap... i just recently bought a honda crv which has been a pretty good choice for me... i think that the hyundai's of today may be better ( not sure) but back then the car was crap...
    well the 10 yr warranty is pretty good. just make sure u have a backup care in case the hyundai is in the shop for tooo long...
    i aint condemning the car.. but that was my 2 cents
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    Like a lot of folks people I've always viewed Hyundais as cheap, unreliable cars that were barely basic transportation (the abysmal Excel is mostly to blame for this). Now, looking at their new line up, I may have to change that assertion. In fact, I'm seriously considering leasing a 2000 Sonata GLS, but I'm very concerned about reliability. Would any owners of this car, either '99 or 2000, mind sharing their experiences with me? I'd appreciate any input that would help me make up my mind. Thanks.
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    Go to the sedans section of town hall and see Sonata. There's a lot of happy owners out there.
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    when Hyundai was making Mitsubishi Motors under license for their cars they were much less reliable then the same motors which were made by Mitsubishi. my father had a Dodge Colt which had the 1.5 and it was bulletproof. DONT BUY HYUNDAI
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    I think it's a bit much to say all the cars made by one manufacturer are bad. There are some very happy Hyundai owners in the Hall!

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    If the majority of cars a company makes is bad, then it is fair to say it is junk. Telling me that is wrong to say is like saying Honda or Subaru is junk because there may be a few lemons out there. Opinions are based on the majority of the cars made and thats why people say Honda, Subaru, and Nissan are the best. Thats why I say Hyundai is junk. You dont question that, do you?
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    Yes, I do. On what basis do you say these cars are bad? What source can you provide to demonstrate that the majority of cars made by Hyundai are bad? Please provide a link to this information so we can better understand your point of view.

    As you may know, copying from your source verbatim can be a copyright violation so please, just link directly to the information.

    In the meantime, here's a quote from our review on the Hyundai Accent GS:

    "Hyundai is on a mission to reinvent itself in the minds of the American car-buying public. After a rocky period in the early '90s that had people saying, "Hyundais sure are inexpensive...and you get what you pay for," the company has unleashed several winners in a row."

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    Have you seen the post 1995 Hyundai's. Are you going by past experiences, say 1980's early 90's. Even Ford made crap in the 80's. Remember the Tempo, Fiesta, Fairmont... I bought a new 1991 escort that was nothing but trouble from the word go.
    I personally would never buy Ford again. But that doesn't mean I'll go to the Focus topic and tell everyone that Fords are junk.
    Get a life and stay in the Ford Focus forum please.
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    Getting a little touchy, eh? You must know that you drive junk because you got so offended. You can bash Ford or my car all you want, because I know Ford aint great and I feel Subaru is the best car out there.
    Anyway, I have two friends who drive the 96 Elantra (popular) with i believe a V6. Now neither of these cars has over 70k and they both burn oil. Cheap piston rings I assume? That shows alot for the quality, and from what they tell me these cars are falling apart.
    Thats where I get my opinions from, real use. You cant belive what any magazine says because they dotn test a car over the long haul, rather a short and superficial test that caters only to the "style minded". How can you tell reliability if you dont drive the car for more than 5 years or 50,000 miles?? You cant! Just because they make a car look like quality, dont mean it is. Its the real world test that shows a car;'s durability, and I think I have been proven right.
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    I meant Sonata, not Elantra
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