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I just purchased a 2005 Nissan Murano with 38k miles back in early Dec. of '08 and I am experiencing the following issues so far, let me know if others have or are experiencing these same issues.

1) radio issues - no sound from the radio in these WI very cold temps - radio is on in the display just no sound coming out...sound comes on after about a half hour of warming up. CD player skips excessively...especially on a bumping road - very annoying!

2) rattles - annoying rattling coming from the passenger side dash up by the windshield...seems like the dash panel is loose or something...

Currently, trying to work with the dealer on getting this stuff fixed but process is moving very slowly. Don't have extended warranty left either so I hope these issues are not very costly or that the dealer will take care of. Let me know if anyone else has experienced these issues before? BTW I live in Madison, WI...so temps around here lately have been well below zero...but still don't think the radio shouldn't work??
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    I have had a tremendous amount of noise in my car for quite a while. I thought it was the tires, so I bought a new set right at 100K. The noise never went away. I'm now up for my next set of tires and my mechanic recommended that my hub assemblies were probably bad and needed to be replaced - he thought this was the noise. It wasn't. It was my transmission the whole time! Replacing the transmission (it's actually the transfer case inside the transmission) costs somewhere in the range of $4500 - $6000. I hope you don't have to go through what I'm currently going through. I talked to the dealer. He told me that they would give me $4500 - $5000 on the trade in but that I should probably get rid of the car as soon as possible. If it stops driving it will only be worth about $2000. This is a huge depreciation based on the fact that I bought the car 3 years ago for just under $30,000. I hope you have better luck. But the noise in your car doesn't sound good from someone who "has been there!"
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    I have a 2005 Murano and I also have issue number 2) What is interesting is I had the windshield replaced a while ago and thought that it was what was rattling. Have you found out what is causing this? I have scheduled to take my MO back to the glass shop because I thought that something was not done right with the install. I also hear a slight vibration coming the driver's side of the windshield. The sound I have on the passenger's side is more of an Occassional Thump. The one I just started to notice on the driverside is a very faint rattle that seems to linger.
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    Update! I just got my radio fixed...I think...I have to wait until it is really cold and my Murano is sitting outside for awhile to determine if they really fixed it. They ended up replacing my stereo with a different one from another Murano they had in stock. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

    As far as the dash rattle I was hearing...they did put some insulate in the dash panel on the passenger side and that did take care of the original rattle I was hearing; however, I am now experiencing new annoying sounds. Asked the dealer about those and they checked my vehicle and can't pinpoint exactly what it is but it does seem to still be on the passenger side of the car and around the glove compartment...they said that there is nothing really they can do b/c the glove comp. is in correctly and unfortunately, it rattles over a bumpy road. They said when they take care of a mysterious noise sometimes others surface so that is probably the case for me. They also said that in these very cold WI temps the car is cold and most of the inner compartments are plastic which is very common to rattle when very cold (makes sense). So, basically when the temps warm up the rattles should go down or away and I should note that the rattles are gone when on a smooth highway or road. My advice at this point is to take it to see how much it would cost you to have them take your car apart to determine the rattles b/c my dealer offered that but I would have to pay....which I only bought this car last month so I didn't feel I should have to pay nor would I want to...I have decided that I have to live with it. My solutions was to change my speakers to be in the front and that seems to help on the bumpy roads to drown out the rattles. Hope this helps and good luck!
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    i own a 2005 and was wondering if anyone knows when you are to change the trani fluid? the manual only states to check it and i am afraid of getting hosed at the dealers. i do have a rattle in my engine when i accelerate so i was thinking it might be the fuel line and i might change the revised damper and hose. i used to pull a trailer so i know there was some strain but not sure if these are the right steps to take. any input would be greatly appreciated. thank you,
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    If I remember/heard him correctly, I think my mechanic said that Nissan did not recommend changing the fluid in the transmission. I might be wrong on this, and I would check with either your Mechanic or the dealer but for some reason, I think this is what he told me.
    Also, I would have that rattling checked. Mine is extremely noisy. As it turns out, I have to have the transmission replaced in mine - and if you read all of the blogs I don't think mine will have been the first bad transmission in one of thse cars!!
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    My right headlight is not always on, dealer said it was probably the ballast. My 2005 only has 44,000 miles. Told not covered by extended warranty.
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    what are the belts on the side of the eng called,and how can i replace them?05 murano
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