'07 Ford Explorer (4WD) V8 vrs. V6

camatt1camatt1 Member Posts: 8
I'm in the market for a '2007 Ford Explorer (4WD) Eddie
Bauer V8, automatic and have noticed that the bulk of the
Dealer Inventory has centered on V6 product. Does anyone
have a statistical breakdown of how many Explorer V8's
were produced as opposed to V6's during '2007,..as it
seems almost 3:1 ratio of V6 availability in the marketplace
vrs. V8 offerings. It could be the low horsepower on a recent
'07 purchase has frustrated the Explorer owners to turn them
back into Dealerships and if they stay with the vehicle, BUY
ONLY A V8? Pickup with the V6 must be a drag!


  • cdn_tchcdn_tch Member Posts: 194
    I wouldn't be surprised if the ratio of V6 to V8 was higher than the 3:1 you see.

    Pickup with the V6 must be a drag! The answer is subjective to what do YOU expect out of an SUV. The V6 is a capable performer for day to day tasks. It has more than enough HP to merge into traffic at hwy speeds. If you want to go drag racing with it, even the V8 won't be enough! ;)

    I'd recommend that you go to a dealer and try both back to back and then decide if you need a V8. If you want a V8 then go for it, you'll lose about 2mpg vs the V6.
  • busman01busman01 Member Posts: 46
    I think they have to produce (and sell) more V6's than V8's in order to meet CAFE obligations.

    I own an `08 Explorer (Eddie Bauer - 4WD) with the V6. My son just purchased the same vehicle with the V8.

    My V6 has plenty of power for around town and on the interstate. It will cruise all day at 80mph+ without a whimper, but does run out of punch at times when pushed to the limit. If you want to get to hiway speed in a hurry, be prepared to put up with a lot of engine noise along the way. Pickup at all speeds are fine. The engine isn't taxed, just loud.

    My son's V8 model has a nice growl to it when performing the same feat, and will get there much quicker.

    He likes the extra power of the V8, and I am comfortable with the performance of the V6. Try each if possible. You will notice a difference. But the V6 is not a dog.
  • avocet44avocet44 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 4.0 L V6 4WD Explorer chassis and would like to change to a 5.0L, V8 AWD on an Explorer Chassis. Will I have any great problems with the ECU and harness compatibility between these two formats? I plan to raise the body off the V8 and place the V6 body on the V8 chassis.
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