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Toyota Sequoia Bluetooth

BearbackerBearbacker Member Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Hi, everyone. I've been reading this forum a lot but just now registered so I can join in. I'm seriously considering a Sequoia and have learned a lot from these discussions.

Quick, and possibly stupid, question about the bluetooth feature. Can you disable it? My wife will be driving the car, usually with 2 noisy kids in the backseat. With the built-in bluetooth being a speakerphone, it seems that the kids could easily override the person on the other end, so she may prefer to use the phone without bluetooth when the kids are with her.


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    hdfatboyhdfatboy Member Posts: 324
    Generally its easier to disable the BT from within the phone vs from within the Nav unit however it can be disconnected from either end.
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    lokkilokki Member Posts: 1,200
    You have the choice of having the phone automatically sych with the car when you get in, or not having the car recognize the phone.

    If she never intends to use the hands-free feature, then it's a very easy answer.

    If she wants to use it sometimes, that's still possible in most systems - there's usually a "Bluetooth Off" function in the software. That way she could have it off as the default, and turn it on if she DID want to use it.... but there is one catch - you can't switch to or from hands-free in the middle of a call. You have to hang up, change the settings (which will take a couple minutes) and then redial.
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    warwickmonwarwickmon Member Posts: 27
    It really would be nice to be able to switch from speaker to no speaker with one button. That is more likely possible on the phone end. My cell phone lets you turn off Bluetooth during a call but you have to go down several levels to do it. Not recommended while driving.

    On my Sequoia, I programmed my phone and my wifes phone. You have to choose which one is active. I haven't "trained" her yet on using the car Bluetooth stuff. (That may take a graduate course!) You have to choose while you are stopped. You can't change while underway. There are many features of the Navigation system and phone which are disabled while the vehicle is moving. There are forums which discuss this "undocumented feature" in depth. I won't get into it here but it is really awful.

    If you set up two phones, you can just select the other one if you don't want to to use the speaker on yours.
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