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Veracruz Wish List

worldrevolverworldrevolver Posts: 19
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
Just thinking of a few things I really wish my GLS Veracruz had.

Not counting things like no ability to add factory roof rack or Factory installed electrochromic mirrors or the homelink system. (Which should all be a la carte options that could be easily added to your vehicle when you wanted them)

#1 Cargo Cover - no explanation needed

#2 CD's to show ID3 tags instead of just track # (only Data CD's with MP3's will show any artist info currently)

#3 More Drink Holders!

#4 This will sound silly I think but for me it would be useful. You know when you grocery shop or buy whatever and it is bagged in a plastic bag? I usually chuck the bag in the passenger foot area and then it ends up sliding all over the place. I used to have a Trooper and I could loop the plastic bag handles over my 4 wheel drive gear shift. This prevented the bag sliding and spilling out the contents. So if the Veracruz just had one or two hooks like the ones on the back of the 3rd seat mounted on the center dash side of the passenger foot area you could hook the plastic bags onto those to solve the problem. Since I own this vehicle I may just install my own hook.

#5 More storage compartments anywhere in the vehicle

#6 TBD


  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    On my Limited,

    #5 More storage compartments anywhere in the vehicle

    Yep. I had a Prius, and that little bugger had a LOT of storage compartments. The center console cold box is a waste of space.
  • JozzJozz Posts: 9
    "The center console cold box is a waste of space." Hmm?
    You can turn off the cold air at the bottom and use it just like every car else.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I do, and if the valve and duct could be removed, there would be even more room, as it sits now, a pair of gloves and a hat and no more room for anything else.
  • For the Limited:

    1. an "Intermittent" position on the wipers in addition to "Auto". The "Auto" works fine in rain, but in the north where there is snow it doesn't.

    2. ability to turn off/on the audio system by holding down the Mode button (like my Toyota Tacoma) for true on-wheel control.

    3. timer for the seat warmers. This is the first car I have owned that didn't have a timer.
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