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Hyundai Genesis Real World MPG

frenafrena Posts: 2
I'm in the process of deciding on the 6 or 8 cylinder and am curious how current owners are finding the mileage on both compared to the official MPG ratings on these engines. I haven't seen many comments on this so hope to get your feedback soon.


  • I have a 4.6 with 1000 miles. I drive REASONABLY, and get 18-19 city, 22-23 suburban mix, 26+ freeway (loaded w/cruise @ 75mph). I am still running premium fuel. It has amazing performance with excellent mileage for a 2-ton, 375hp car!
  • rk2469rk2469 Posts: 30
    Your mpg will get better. My Azera 3.8L now can go from Houston to Dallas with the 31.8 mpg figure based on the meter. Now, it could be off little but the very fact that it can is remarkable.

    The 31.8 mpg value is measured from downtown Houston to Lewisville (Dallas surburb).

    The "reset" button was pressed so the count was 0 mpg.
    The car is set to cruise control at 65mph.

    Average mpg is now at 23 mpg. I have remarkably short drive to/from my work place. 23 mpg figure is good based on the fact that I go through many traffic light in the commute of 4 miles.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    Does anyone know how to determine whether gas with ethanol was used in the various MPG tests? Since my MPG has decreased with ethanol, seems to me this will affect all tests. Had an oil company rep. tell me they know it decreases MPG, but Congress has mandated use of ethanol to satisfy farm lobby.
  • miklomiklo Posts: 67
    I hadn't paid much attention to the MPG until now and when I checked I got 21.4 mpg.I live in Arizona and its the middle of summer so its way hot, I'm very happy with my results.I have the 6cyl Genesis with premium package and 18 in wheels,these results are in town driving (stop & go) with A.C. cranked up.I got the ride in January and only have 4600 miles on it,to say I'm happy with this car is an understatement.I bought my first new car 40 years ago for $1,995.00 and my payments were $55.00 a month, the Genesis was a bit more than that.....LOL.Like many ppl I have had a vast assortment of cars over the years,my last ride was a 2005 CTS cady,I also have owned BMW,Lincolns,and everything in between with a few sports cars and muscle cars in the mix.The Genesis I now own is one of the best cars I have had as far as price,quality,and value are concerned and 2me its a really nice looking car.I'm not sayin the car is perfect but I'm very Happy overall and am glad I got the 6cyl,don't get me wrong the V8 is sweet but having it would probably just get me overloaded with speeding tickets, and the six has plenty of power for any situation.Now I just gotta get a road trip planned and put this car on the highway and enjoy the comfort and luxury.

  • Though computer says 19.7 mpg in town, the real world measurement is 19 mpg. That is better than the sticker, but in my V6 highway mileage is 23.5 mpg at a cruise controlled 80 mph. At 75 mph\ it has only be 24.0 mpg, and I find these numbers far below the 27 mpg claimed. This is the biggest disappointment I have had with this car.

    My previous 1998 V8 Lexus GS400 did 17.5 and 24 mpg (and highway mileage was measured at 80 mph).
  • toyetoye Posts: 351
    With my V6 going 70 with no A/C I got an average of 28.6 on a trip from S Florida to NE US and back
  • My fuel mileage in town has steadily improved in the past 1500 miles. My V6 has just turned 3K miles, and around town I have improved from 19 mpg to 20. I am a bit startled by the improvement, and some of this improvement may be that I am learning to feather the accelerator a bit better as I get used to the car. Still using Regular gas. I ALWAYS run the A/C. Been too warm in GA to go without in the past month.

    I will not have it out on the highway til this coming weekend, and I should have waited to report, but will next week, after a 600 mile round trip. I am gratified by this improvement, and am startled by how much better than the rating it is. Usually I have to baby a car to get the rated MPG, but as of now that doesn't seem necessary.

    Of course, my measurement of every tankful is indicative of my OCD, but I'm stuck with it, and sometimes the news is good.

    I traded in a VW Phaeton for the Hyundai. Loved the Phaeton, but hated the OHMIGOD maintenance requirements. That car, babied, did 15 mpg about town, and 20 mpg at 80 mph cruise controlled. I had guilt about driving that car, and fears of $5 a gallon gas making me miserable if I had kept it. I dare hope that my highway mileage will improve to near claims.
  • tjc78tjc78 South JerseyPosts: 8,396
    Usually I have to baby a car to get the rated MPG, but as of now that doesn't seem necessary

    There was a new MPG system put in place about two years ago that makes the teting much more like real world driving. It is much easier to beat the new EPA estimates than the old (somewhat) optimistic #s.

    For example (from a 2006 Avalon was originally rated at 22/31 25 overall on the new ratings system its 20/28 23 combined.

    Your MPG seems spot on in your Genesis. My 09 with a tick over 10K is averaging around 20 in all city or gridlock highway.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • sooththetruthsooththetruth Posts: 40
    edited May 2010
    Yeah, I'm replying to myself. Took a round trip ride in my V6 Genesis, 300 miles each way. Wow, there has been improvement with break in. Initial MPG was 23.5 at a cruise controlled 80 mph. That trip occurred with only 1000 miles on the odometer, and on flat land. More recent trip started with 3500 miles on odometer. On the first leg of the current trip, I averaged 26.5 mpg at 80 mph, and that is NOT the computer reading, but the calculated mpg. The computer read 27 mpg. By the way, there was an elevation increase of just over 1000 feet on the first leg. On the way home I took a different route with less highway driving, and more 2 lane roads, though a more direct route. The car did 27.5 mpg, with about 1/3 of the miles driven between 55 to 65 mph, and there were a few stops or slowdowns in some small towns. Of course there was more of a downhill benefit on the way home, though I don't dare estimate what that elevation change meant to the mpg measurement.

    So average both ways was 27 mpg, right on the number, and that was doing 80 mph on open highways. I am starting to believe the hype about this car.

    Since the car is actually larger than it first appears, I consider this mileage for a car this size, this powerful, rather remarkable.
  • miklomiklo Posts: 67
    sooththetruth , I just came back from an out of town trip and in fact my gas mileage has improved since the car was new.I just turned 11,000 miles and on this trip doing 80mph I averaged 27.7 which surprised me cuz I do have a tendency to have a heavy foot.In town I'm usually at 22.5 and both the averages are better than when the car was new.To say I'm happy with this ride is an understatement,gas mileage aside I'm pleased with everything about the car,its just a car I really like and is fun to drive.I often get compliments about this car,I have removed all the "H" emblems and installed the wings emblems so the car doesnt say Hyundai anywhere.As a result ppl are often very surprised when I tell them that it is a Hyundai. Anyway enjoy your Genesis I sure do along with many others on this site.
  • on this trip doing 80mph I averaged 27.7 which surprised me cuz I do have a tendency to have a heavy foot.In town I'm usually at 22.5 and both the averages are better than when the car was new


    I am pleased to hear I have more improvement to look forward to, but the 22.5 mpg in the city seems surreal to me, given the size of the car. I hope to one day post how right you are.

    By the way, I am continuing to use regular gas, though I once did fill up with 93 octane, and I had no doubt I could feel the difference in performance. I would like to take a blinded test, though, so as to KNOW that I can tell the difference, or if my expectation led me to "feel" the difference.

    Has anyone else made that "seat of your pants" comparison?

    It would be a lot harder to drive your car to nearly empty, add one gallon of regular, do speed runs in two directions, then finish off the gallon as much as you dare, add a gallon of premium, and repeat the test at the same site.

    Is that OCD, or what?

  • smookdogsmookdog Posts: 7
    Just returned from a trip from Las Vegas to Phoenix. Somewhat hilly and averaged about 70 MPH. Trip computer showed 32.7 MPG. Was averaging about 24.6 MPG combined in city and highway and commute to work is less than 1 mile so I stop minutes after I start which obviously affects the MPG. Changed the air filter to K & N and very happy with the MPG.
  • miklomiklo Posts: 67
    Very nice, I have made that trip from Tucson many times ;) I noticed recently that I was getting 23.3 mpg in town which seems to keep improving the more miles I put on the car. (11,750 now) But 32.7 on that road is very nice, and I am assuming you had on the A.C. Good luck with your Genesis and enjoy.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited July 2010
    Here in Cda, the V6 is suppose to run on 87 octane. The V8 on premium.
    There are few misconceptions greater than there is between reg and premium gas.

    Here are the (rather simplistic but) basic facts.

    - There is more BTU in regular gas. If your manual calls for regular, do NOT use hi test.

    - Hi-test has less BTU (energy) in it. Hi-test is design to have a higher (read slower) flash point. i.e. it is meant to be burned in combustion chambers which have a high compression ratio. Fuel ignites easier the more it is compressed. That is why older cars that have carbon build up in the C chamber, (which raises the CR due to its basic volume sitting there) often don't ping and run on when owners switch to mid or hi-test. You is the red hot carbon that ignites the gas when the ignition has already been turned off, and hence causes the dieseling or run-on. Because the regular gas has a lower flash point (quicker to burn). So that is why hi-test often eliminates ping and run-on.

    - there are no more deterents or additives in hi-test than there is in regular.

    - if your car is designed to run on regular, it will have more power, and run more efficient to boot. (no blind test required)

    - upper class luxury vehicles (and some lesser ones) often use a detonation device that operates electronically. It can sense regular gas if an owner uses regualr gas in a car that requires premium. But this only fools the engine into thinking it has the proper grade gas. It makes adjustments to engine timing etc to do this. But owners of cars that require premium should switch back as soon as their next tank. Running hi-test in a car that requires regular, actually tends to strangulate the engines ability to perform as manufactured.

    - because fewer owners purchase premium at the pumps, it is always older gas. Makes sense right? So again, use regular if your car is designed for it.

    I am amazed at these MPG figures real world owners are getting, and I really enjoyed seeing some of the detailed write-ups here. Very impressive.

    I am in the market for a Genesis I think. But I am sorta poor and need them to depreciate a little more before I can find one I can afford. Was the first year 2009? Did they have any issues? I sorta hate to buy first year of anything.
    If anyone here (non-smokers only please) decides to sell their (V6 only) any year considered, Genesis because their needs change, send me a message here or PM. My notifier is turned on. thanks :) and enjoy your new rides everyone :)
  • harrybush00harrybush00 Posts: 76
    edited January 2011
    So far I've put on ~400 miles on the car. On the 2nd fill up, I got a 17.9 mpg average.
  • I have recorded the $$ & amount of each fill up since I purchased my Genesis 3.8L in July, 2008. After slightly over 47K miles, I am averaging 24.7 mpg with approximately a 55 / 45 mix (highway / city miles). Highest mileage to date -- 31.0, lowest 17.7.
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    Really? 22+ in town? 28+ on the highway? hhhmmmmmmmmmmm
    Everytime I take a trip to Alabama to see my mom, I average about 28-29mpg for the 370 mile one way trip. I average around 26-27 going back and forth to work.
  • I am a fanatic for record keeping of my car expenses, so I record each fill up, range and gallons used. Much to my dismay, I discovered that my actual mpg from fill up to fill up runs about 0.5 to 1 MPG less than what the trip computer says I achieved on that tank. I bought my 2011 Genesis Certified used with 17K on odometer and have record every tank so far( now 24K and the pattern is the same. I called Hyundai to see if my model qualified for the MPG overstatement settlement and they told me my model was too new. They said I could bring it to the dealer to have the trip computer calibrated and validate my claims. I hate to take my car to dealer for anything so I will wait until I HAVE to go for something else.
    Anybody else validate this subtle exaggeration. I am getting 22-23 MPG but trip computer says I'm getting 23-24mpg.
  • miklomiklo Posts: 67
    edited September 2013
    If I remember correctly the "fine print" when I bought my Genesis new in 2009 says that this is a estimate.. +or- a certain percent .One mile per gallon on a 15 gal fill up may be acceptable to the manufacturer..... maybe not for me or you but it is 4them :( I suppose it can be put in the category of the lies they always tell us, for example a computer doesn't have the amount of storage it says on the specs. A 2GB thumb drive empty has way less than 2GB,build your house and buy a 2X4 and its really 1 1/2 by 3 1/2. For sure this doesn't make it fair or right but its just they way it is and the government allows this and a whole lot more :( BTW if this is your only problem it ain't that bad as far as cars go. If you enjoy your Genesis half as much as I have in the past 5 years your in good shape. My car has been almost free of problems except for a accelerator part when it was less than a year old and was fixed for free of course.
    P.S. Please don't think I'm not taking your problem seriously, if we buy something it should work as advertised. Good luck.
  • You're right. Manufacturers are allowed to inflate (or deflate) numbers w/out regard of the effects to the consumer. Maybe we should all start paying "approximately" what a total would be.... say if the total is $98.59 we should pay "approximately" $94.14. After all we're being deceived (cheated) at every turn, so why can't we put it back on them....... lol
  • miklomiklo Posts: 67
    shagnat.... I like the way you think and I'm in complete agreement, the only problem is they get away with it and we go to jail. :( LOL
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