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I am about to purchase the Hyundai Accent
Hatchback '99. (manual shift) For security
purposes, is a cable lock sufficient which is what
I now have on my present car. I do not like clubs
or alarms. An additional feature recommended
and for extra $$ is the mask which provects
the fenders. Is this a good idea. Price
quoted me by the dealer including tax and
airconditioning was $8800 total. Is this a good


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    I know that Hyundai will show all new accent sooner or later.
    It is bigger and more luxurious but in same price.
    I think it will be the most wealth compact car later.
    Just wait for a while.
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    If it is a 1999 Accent base, with AC, tax, tags, and all for $8800, give me his number! The car stickers for $9434 plus AC plus tax, etc... I believe there is a $1000 rebate on the Accent, so the dealer is giving you AC for free? I don't think so. He must mean $8800 plus TTL. That would be more likely, and yes, that is a good deal, but make sure it is a 1999 model that has that 10yr/100K warranty. But for $8800, you might be better off buying a used one for $7000 and keeping the change.

    As to the bra, it affects 2 things, rust and resale. Resale on these cars is nil. This is good for me because I buy them dirt cheap all the time and use them up and junk them. Excels are known for being worth less than a week's worth of pocket lint. And as to rust, there is little concern for the fenders, they get few nicks, the bumpers are plastic, the only thing you are protecting is the forwardmost foot or so of the hood. A $4.99 bottle of touch-up paint and some very fine sandpaper will do the job, too.
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    I bought a 1999 Accent L Hatchback in April 99. So far so good! I had a few minor things go wrong, but the dealer was very good about doing the work without any discussion. More than I can say from my experiences with Ford Product Dealers! I compared the Accent to the Honda, that I seriously considered, but the value just wasn't there! I got more car, a great warranty and better service for my buck!
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    good points,
    -between 38 and 41 mpg's first 3 tanks
    -rattle and squeak free
    -keeps up to speed on steep hills

    bad points
    -Still looking for that elusive seating position to be comfortable. seat needs to be moved a 1/2 notch one way or another at all times.
    -What is that tinny noise from the surpentine belt on accelerating. Heard it on the 2 Accents I test drove and this one. Dealer said when the belt breaks in the noise will go away. Still waiting.

    Anyone with info on that please let me know.
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    After further research that noise wasn't coming from the surpentine belt but from the exhaust system. It sounds more like a tinny whistle when accelerating. Service department said it was a resonating of the exhaust system and this was common and acceptable. Has anyone else experienced this and did they get any satisfaction from Hyundai.
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    Just in case anyone was concerned, Hyundai has addressed the problem of the penny whistle sound coming from the exhaust. Enough people have complained that a TSB has been issued on it. They will replace the resonator on the exhaust.
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    poconojoe, thanks for the info!

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    I am thinking about buying a Hyundai Accent Hatchback, but I am worried about the quality. I have owned various toyotas and mazdas and I am more than impressed with their reliability. The warranty gives me piece of mind, but I don't want to be taking the damn thing into the shop all the time. From what I have seen here, it looks like minor problems. Does anybody know how they hold up after a couple of years? Any info would be great.
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    It all depends on how you drive it and maintain it. A Toyota and a Honda can be a piece of crap if you don't maintain them properly(stretching oil changes). Washington Times reported that Hyundai are just as good as 2nd rate japanese makes such as Mazda and Mitsubishi. Recently My brother and I took a look at a 91 Sonata with 4 cyl. It ran pretty good. The owner bought it with 69K miles. It served him pretty well(alternator was the only problem). He changed the oil every 3000 miles and drove the car 10x between VA and GA. The car's interior was impressive as a Maxima.
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    I presently own a 1990 Hyundai Excel. It has 125K on it and have had NO problems with it. In fact I have two other cars 1.) 87' Toyota Celica which is basically a piece of junk, always in the shop. 2.)91' Eagle Talon Turbo-Bought at AutoNation which was my first mistake and I am currently going on engine #3. So I am currently back to driving my little old Hyundai which I bought when I was 16 and all it needs is some normal maintenance work done on it. I WOULD definitely buy another Hyundai.
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    I'm looking to buy a new car within six weeks, cheap but quality. The 2000 Hyundai Accents (Hyundais overall) seem to be much better than my first new car (1989 Excel) from what I read. Has anyone had a chance to check out a Toyota Echo and can compare it to the 2000 Accent? According to Edmund's, the Echo is a grand more invoice with ABS that the Accent doesn't have, but no pw which the Accent has (AC, auto and CD in both). Hyundai has the killer warrenty, though.
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    I had a nice little Hyundai Excel for 100k miles. It met an untimely death at the hands of a delivery truck that rear-ended me while I was stopped for a school bus. It had an oil leak once that I thought might have been an engine seal. It turned out to be the oil pressure sending unit. A whopping 10$ repair! I now have a Ford Focus ZX3 that takes over for family hatchback duties. The Focus is like the old Excel on steroids with a facelift! If you are considering a lower priced but quality car give the Focus a look.
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    I've owned a Hyundai Accent, 1995 model, for 4 years. Before this car, I owned a Hyundai Excel. Granted, I had a few major problems with the Excel, but the Accent has been holding up tolerably well. The only major repair I've had with this car was an exhaust leak.(Coincidentally(?), had the same problem with the Excel.) Minor problems seem to be superficial i.e., window off track,front of ashtray fell off, lock button broke in half pulling it up, & roof/hood DENTED by acorns!! Engine-wise, though, the car is seemingly pretty strong. 70K miles and still going. My mother owned an Accent and traded it for a new Elantra last year. She loves hers & says the warranty is fabulous. I'll be ready to buy a new car at the end of the year, and am considering a new Accent. I'm also in love with the new Volkswaggen Beetles, though. Any advice?
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    I have until October to decide....I drove both cars within the last week, and I do prefer the ZX3. It's bigger, more powerful,etc, but I am also trying to find the most value(I'm on a cheap kick). I can get the accent GS loaded for around 12k out the door, and it's not a bad little car. Love the warranty too....
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    Well I have one thing to say, I know someone who had an Elantra and they were wishing they did not buy it when they saw me driving around in a Daewoo. If you saw all of the saftey features on a Daewoo you would be in faimly car heaven, while in a parking spot a Hyundai is standing alone and no one is near it not even the owner because they are so happy they saw one of the first daewoo's on the road. Right away you run to a daewoo dealership and they give you only one price no haggling or anything because it is manufacter dealership not like the hyundai dealer ships you could haggle all day and night to get it to a reasonable price yet it will still be high without a/c or anything that could be luxuries to you no good accomidations in the hyundai either.
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    I'm considering on buying a new 2000 accent 2dr hatchback for $9,509 plus an additional $1200.00
    for ac final price is $10,709, I test drove it and it has a lot of features for the money, but when I test drove it on the highway It seemed a little low on horsepower, the engine noise level was high with windows up,but overall you get what you pay for, any one out there who purchased this particular model give me some insight on this korean car.
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    I bought a 2000 accent L 5 speed with dealer installed AC last Dec. It has served me well so far. I put 1600 miles (2/3 was high way driving) on the it, and have no problem of the performance. I agree the engine noice is higher than the others, however it is still in the tolerable range. As I understand sound insulation can be only achieved with sophisticated engineering and extra sound approve materials that will eventually contribute to the bottom line, the cost of the car.
    I love the gas mileage, the warranty and the cost. I think that if you decide to purchase an accent you can go no wrong.
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    I am the owner of a 99 Hyundai Accent. After having the car for 4 months my check engine light came on. Dealership replaced O2 sensor, but the light is coming on again and again now, 4 months later. Dealership has it again right now and I'm waiting to hear the latest verdict on what the problem is. Anyone else having this sort of problem?
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    I've had my Accent for almost a year now, and it seems to be what you pay for so far. No problems yet, a very comfortable car (especially after my previous car - 88 Pontiac LeMans). The whistling sound is always present when the car accelerates, but it is not much of a problem because once you're driving, you have a good amount of road noise inside the cabin. The ride could be a little smoother, also. But other than that, it is a nice little car with huge expandable trunk. And you can change oil only 5-7,000 miles (owner's manual). Although, right now I would probably buy a Toyota Echo because of its resale value, or a Ford Focus hatchback because it looks like a real hatchback. But Hyundai makes more sense if you plan on owning the car for a long time.
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    It is usually caused by loosen gas cap. Tighten the gas cap until you hear 3-5 clicks every time you fill up the tank.
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    i was shopping for an accent, the best price i could get so far "out the door" (tax, motor vehicle, destination charges, etc.) was $8778
    it was maxon hyundai on rt. 22 in springfield new jersey.
  • tommy33tommy33 Member Posts: 2
    i was shopping for an accent, the best price i could get so far "out the door" (tax, motor vehicle, destination charges, etc.) was $8778
    it was maxon hyundai on rt. 22 in springfield new jersey.
    this accent was all standard, no air. no money down, 60 months, was about $180 a month
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    In regards to message 16, the best price I could get on the same accent was 9,517 including air. I am still not sure I want an accent because of the low horse-power engine (around 92). Can anyone with an accent tell me how this engine is to drive in general. I.E. Peppy vs. Sluggish?
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    I was just driving my girlfriend's 98 accent today. It is a manual transmission. It's very peppy with the 5 speed. Go test drive one. I don't think you'll be worried about having to pass anyone on the highway. I have a 2000 Tiburon so no such worries for me!

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    I have been thinking of adding a new vehicle to the stable. Although we could afford to spend a BUNCH more than the Accent...I am thinking it would be a nice little car for the money.

    I just looked at a GL sedan with the 4-speed auto, air, etc.. At a sticker of $11599, it seems to be a nice little car. Another thing I noticed was that my 6'2" 300lb frame fit comfortably into the car. The back seat isnt at all roomy...but we have neither kids nor the need to haul others very often.

    Any thoughts??

    [email protected]
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    check out post #5+6 for answer to your whistle sound.

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    I have had my Accent GS for 2 weeks and 682 miles. so far 37.1 mpg and no problems. Front seats very roomy, back looks tight. Not overly powerful, but is just as fast as the Ford Econoline van that I traded. Accent has good fit & finish for inexpensive car. Will post updates once a month.
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    Needed a cheap car, and got it. $9600 '99 stick with air. I was worried about size, but those worries are offset by excellent wet road handling. (Best I've driven) I owned a '94 Saturn that made a lot of racket so the noise in the Accent isn't that bad to me. It's the first car I've owned (new or used) that doesn't leak in a high pressure wash. Impressed with initial build quality, but it's got tough competition vs. my Saturn for reliability. Popping on radio when wet outside, door squeak and hatch rattle are the three biggest gripes thus far. I find it peppy enough, but ugly merging on the freeway from a dead Pittsburgh stop. Air makes the car "surge" a bit, when slowing to a stop. My dealer has been awful, but the next nearest dealer makes up for that. Only thing I like better on the 2000 is nicer air controls and upgraded interior looks.
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    OK, its been 10 months with 2 1999 Accents. Both are still running great at about 8000 miles. I highly recommend these cars to anyone on a budget. Haven't had a single problem. My two friends bought a new Jetta and Mirage at same time. Both have been back for warranty work various times. By the way, mileage is great.
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    I am looking into a 96 GT Accent. It is auto with 47K on it. It has a leakage in the exhaust in the front which coincidentied post 13. When I test drive it, the noise of engine is big, and dashboard squeaks when accelerating and so does the hatch door. Are they considered to be normal problems with Hyundai?

    Are there any other potential problems you might know? The car still one year of powertrain warranty with it. Does that cover the exhaust? Any input, advise are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have had my 97 Accent GT 5 speed since I bought it new in July '97. I was surprised at its initial feel of low power. But the engine is very tight and it took about 15,000 miles to really break in. Now it is very peppy and responsive.

    I have had two mechanical problems that were both fixed under warranty. First, the hydraulic clutch gave out. Car was towed to dealer and repaired at no cost to me. I believe in the 3yr roadside assistance. I think it is now up to 5 years, and really worth it. Other problem was back-up light switch failure. This two repaired under warranty.

    Would you believe the battery only has a 2 year warranty. My failed at about 2 1/2 years. They must know when the factory batteries will go bad. I replaced it with the optional larger 7 year battery from Auto Zone.

    For me, the seat is a little too firm. But I'm 6'1" and don't even need to have the seat all the way back, have plenty of room. The gear shift from first to second is a little ragged. But it's a great big city runabout, gets 30 mpg, and fits in those small parking places.
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    Anyone have any good/bad feedback of the Kumho tires that came standard on 99 Accents. Mine have 30k miles and still pass the penny test. I'm getting a little nervous at highway speeds with these tires.
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    Great article! Thank you, genes555.

    poconojoe, you may also want to visit one of the tire topics in our Maintenance & Repair conference. Just use the Search feature on the left menu bar to see what is already underway.

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    I have 21,000 miles on the Kumho tires on my 99 Sedan. These are pretty good tires!! A few months ago I picked up a nail in the right front. I noticed the tire was low and took it to a nearby tire shop. They fixed it for 10 bucks. I still have plenty of tread and these tires keep their pressure and balance very well. I know why the 2000 Accent is outselling the ECHO. 1. The ECHO is UGLY. I saw a 2000 Accent Sedan at a gas station a few days ago. It looked really classy in gold. The ECHO looks cheap to me. 2. The ECHO is dangerous on the highway. I read a lot of people who own ECHOs complain about the car getting blown around the road on the highway. I think this is because the ECHO is so tall, the center of gravity is higher. My 99 Accent sedan is very solid on the Highway. 3. The ECHO is expensive. You can pay 14 grand for a well equipped ECHO, I can get a loaded Elantra for that much! The only cars in the Accent's price zone are the Metro Deawoo (Lanos?) and maybe a stripped KIA Sephia. The Accent has all these cars beat. The only thing I like about the ECHO is it's engine. I like the engine in my Accent, but it doesn't have 108 hp like the ECHO. The 2000 Accent is a fine car, but it still needs a tilt steering wheel and cruise control as an option.

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    It seems to me that we've got two active Hundyai Accent topics going. Let's merge! I'm freezing this and asking that we continue in topic #164, Hundyai Accent. See you there!

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