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Does anyone have pricing on an extended warranty for a 2007 sedan?


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    Leasing an Altima for 39 months. Should I buy the extended maintenence and warranty they offer. Costs close to $1400.00.
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    its up to you but I think they are a waste of money; the auto manufactures always find ways to weasel their way out of those extended warranties when something comes up- I've seen it with past experience and is the reason why I don't get them anymore; by the way your not suppose to be leasing longer than the warranty period to begin with, thats leasing 101 plus your going to be paying motor vehicle fees for four years on a 39 month lease when 9 of those months you won't even have the car anymore, thats why you lease for 36 months with a nissan!
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    I agree...leasing a vehicle you should not buy an extended warranty. Did I really read that? If your buying a car, I would never buy an extended warranty from the dealer. They mark it up way too much. Look at they have alot of good information there. Their top company is
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    I'd think that if you were going to purchase an extended warranty you'd want it to be backed by the manufacture and not some third party company. There's tons of deals on factory Nissan coverage on the internet, you just have to look. Plus, the best prices are online and not the local dealership. I found three different Nissan dealers selling Security+Plus plans in just two minutes on google, and the pricing smokes what my dealer offered me.

    Just a thought
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    I bought out my lease at the end due to low mileage. I got an extended warranty through They are affiliated with Nissan of Santa Rosa out in CA. I bought it on the Murano 1 month before end of factory warranty for a really good price. My local dealer lied and told me they couldn't do that, but they just didn't want to match the price (I gave them the chance). A few months earlier they were ready to sell me the gold preferred, but when I asked them to price match 2 months laterthey said gold preferred was only at original sale and claimed that I was confused about what they said the first time. WRONG. I called other dealers and checked. My paperwork came through and I called Nissan to verify it. It's worth checking out the site and calling them with questions. Also, I put it on VISA for 11 payments, so if there was a problem I could always have disputed w/VISA. Good Luck, and consider waiting...why pay now for a warranty that really doesn't start until 36k miles or 36 months (except maybe the rental coverage--that might included in some extended but not factory) I have to decide it we will buy it for our 08 Altima. My son might add big wheels and stuff and essentially void a lot of it anyway.
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    Yeah..I just bought an 08 pre-owened Altima from a Lexus dealer with 10K miles and shopped around for extended warranty coverage. I called Nissan to get a quote on the extended warranty and it was $1400 and I told them they were high and Nissan Santa Rosa had it for half the price. Nissan knows that Santa Rosa Nissan is selling the warranty at cost and are not too happy about it. Nissan USA said they would match the price of Santa Rosa, so that is good. Since I have another year and a half and another 26K miles I am going to hold off until the end of hte 3yr/36K warranty. Also, be wary that these extended warranties do not cover normal "wear and tear" on the components, i.e. timing belts/chains, startes, alternators, etc. Read them and ask questions..they will try and weasel out of anything they can from paying out on them.
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    I just got a quote of 7 years 70K miles for Gold Plus warranty with $0 deductible for $870. Another place online has them for $749 with $50 deductible. Which is better? I had a Honda Care for our van and it had $0 deductible and that was very nice. Should I call Nissan USA to see if they will match, or does it matter?
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