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No power to overheaed Rear Entertainment System/LCD - Help needed!

bueneboybueneboy Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Honda
We have a 2004 Honda Odyssey EX with a "stock" DVD/Entertainment System. We've never had any issues with those components and it was working perfectly when we rolled it into a Honda Dealer for some service (Transmission Diagnostic, replacement of a 4th Clutch Pressure Switch, and Transmission fluid) the other day.

We picked it up and our kids immediately noticed that the DVD LCD monitor wasn't working. Uh-oh...this is a BIG deal as we have a 2 and 4 year old.

We took it back to the dealer to look at, who did a "free" diagnostic but they said they could not resolve it without pulling the radio head out and digging a bit deeper (which they want to charge us handsomely for!). They told us there is no way that the service they performed caused it or could in any way be related, but the Rear LCD/RES worked perfectly when we rolled it in to the dealer and did not work seconds after we rolled out. I get the feeling the mechanic thinks it was broken before we took it in so we could say they "broke it" during the other maintenance, so we have an uphill battle.

Here is a rundown of what does/doesn't work, or that I checked:

- Summary of issue: No power to ceiling mounted entertainment system (no display on overhead LCD screen and no response from the overhead controls or remote control).

- The #71 (20A) fuse for the RES, in the Under-Hood Subfuse Box, is working fine. I verified this by swapping out with another working one.

- The REAR PWR button on the dash is ON (we checked that first, and many times since unfortunately).

- The center console DVD Player/unit appears to be working fine as we can "hear" any DVD playing and control the DVD player from the radio console in the dash with no problem.

- The rear speakers play the audio source (DVD, radio, etc.).

- When I turn the headlights on, the text on the Rear Control panel buttons glow green (so it is getting some kind of power)?

- I pulled the outer casing off the Rear Control Panel and the connector to it looks OK (no obvious loose cables or connections).

- My last ditch effort I will be trying tonight is to "Reset" the RES/radio by disconnecting the battery for an hour, but I am not holding out much hope for that.

So...without pulling out the radio head myself and getting in over my head, I am now stumped and plan on taking it to the dealer in the next couple of days.

Any help or othr suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

Chris Bueneman
Covington, WA



    I have since "reset" the radio/RES (by disconnecting the battery for an hour) and disassembled/reassembled the celiing mounted rear entertainment console to look for loose connections or bad cables, etc.. No obvious issues and the rear entertainment console and LCD still aren't working still.
  • nkalyannkalyan Posts: 11
    i got the same problem dvd player is working fine as well as the cd player but the lcd screen wont turn on ?
  • We have the same issue with our 2007 Honda Odyssey. This just started today. We have sound, but no power to the LCD screen on the entertainment system.

    Did any of you ever have any luck solving this problem???
  • nkalyannkalyan Posts: 11
    Well it happened to me too all i did is bought 3 batteries for the remote and it started working.
  • THANK YOU for responding. We replaced the batteries in our remote and the DVD player began working properly. Saved me an expensive trip to the dealership!!
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