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I bought a 2001 montana last Dec. and the kilometers on it is 266k so far no problem with the van, recently I smell coolant form inside of the cab. anyone can help me with this.....thanks in advance


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    Most commonly if you smeel coolant inside the cabin its the heater core leaking. Its possible there is a leak in engine compartment and the smell comes in with fresh air supply.
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    thanks for he reply Ray, the heater core is fine no leaks is it common for these kind of van that the coolant overflow? :mad: :confuse:
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    The Pontiac Montana is one of the vehicles that is listed in the GM Dexcool Class Action lawsuit that was just settled. Your problem could be stemming from the infamous intake manifold.

    It sounds like your vehicle should be one of the ones covered, from what you've told us.

    Model years 1995-2003

    Equipped with 3.1-liter or 3.4-liter V6 engine, manufactured before April 10, 2003 with a nylon/silicone lower intake manifold gasket.

    You should research the site and then contact a Pontiac Dealership to see what they will do for you. Please check and let us know what you find out.
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    recently I have made a second key "the cheap one" when I insert it in the ignition the key turns but won't start. any one can help me with these problem....thx in advance
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    It depends on what the 'cheap one' means. In order to start the vehicle the key needs to have the chip (or whatever it is called) for security system, and it needs to be programmed to be accepted. If the 'cheap one' doesn't have the chip it can only be used to unlock door and/or tailgate, not start it.
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    the cheap one's that I have it made at the canadian tire for $ 3.00. So there no other way to make this cheap key work? Thx again ray80....
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    Short of finding a way to disable the passkey system, I don't believe that key is going to work.
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    do have tips for me how to disable the passkey system. :sick:
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    I have no idea on how you would disable it, and I think you might run into more problems trying to. I would suggest maybe buying a new one with the chip off ebay or some other relatively in-expensive place and seeing if your local hardware store could cut it for you for a few bucks. Then I think there is a way to get your vehicle to properly accept it without going to dealer. Then just keep the other one in your wallet or something for emergency purposes
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