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bharrisonbharrison Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Volkswagen
I own a 95 VW GOLF and I would like to tell the
world of all the trouble I have had with this pile
of crap! When I bought it new it had paint drips
down the drivers side door. @6,000 miles the coil
wire shorted out,@12,000 miles the transmission was
replaced, @ 25,000, the catalytic converter was
replaced, at 46,000 the teansmisson was replaced
again! The timing belt went at 50,000, The door
moldings started to fall off at 50,000 (all of
them) the door lock came apart with the key! the
oil pan leaked. Has anyone else had these problems
with their VW? or do I just have a lemon?


  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    The door lock came off on my wife's '96, that's it. Everything else is fine.

  • wukwukwukwuk Posts: 17
    I own an '89 Golf. With the exception of normal maintenance (timing belts, cv joints) it's been solid as a rock. The only major problems I have are the rear defogger is shot, and the ceiling cloth came off after years of baking in the sun. Otherwise no major complaints. I guess sometimes newer models bring with them new problems.
  • ksp92156ksp92156 Posts: 1
    I want to buy a new 4 - Door standard golf. What should I pay. the list is 16,800. do the dealers deal. My next choice is the mazda protege, unless VW can give me a good deal.
  • jenevievejenevieve Posts: 11
    well, i just put down a (refundable) deposit on pretty much exactly the car you're looking at. the msrp, with the luxury package, was 18,050, and they were only willing to go down to 17,650. their rationale was that this is the only silver one scheduled to come to texas any time soon. i'm thinking $400 off the list price is not a good deal. i'm going to see if i can get a better deal on a different color. ... is the mazda protege a hatchback?
  • brx600brx600 Posts: 1
    i also have a 95 golf with 99,000 miles and the problems i have had have been minimal. in the first winter, the lock on the drivers side did freeze and had to be replaced, i had a speaker cover that rattled. my timing belt was original until last week and never had any problems with it. also, passenger front control arm and bearings. BUT I BEAT THIS CAR!!!!! I've thought about replacing it BUT I BEAT THIS CAR!!! Plus, i figured a maintenance cost (including speed rated tires) of less than 3 cents per mile in 4 years. i have the car regularly maintained and use synthetic motor oil (because i beat the car) and 87 octane gasoline. it runs today like it did the day i bought it. still running the original transmission, but plan a clutch change soon.
  • putz2000putz2000 Posts: 1
    Help! I want a used Golf Or Jetta with standard transmission and everything else. Were there any bad procuction years between 1994 & 1999? Is one model better than the other. I commute 60 miles per day in some pretty heavy traffic. Would automatic transmission be better?

  • hcj13hcj13 Posts: 5
    Hi, I am looking for a good dealer to buy a standard new 99 golf, any takes on what kind of price i could get that is reasonalbe and which dealer to go to? thanks
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    hcj13, be sure to check out our pricing information by clicking on New Cars, then VW, then Golf. Next, check out our Consumer Advice area to walk through the steps of determining a fair price. You may also want to search our Smart Shopper conference for dealer recommendations. Good luck and please, keep us posted!

  • hcj13, I have talked to Bob Baker Carlsbad (So Cal), they quoted me $500 over their invoice price for the 2000 model, whatever that invoice price will be. I haven't attempted to negotiate (yet). With 2% holdback this would bring their profit to $800+ depending on the model. Probably you can go a little below that for Golfs and Jettas, but not much.
  • ecnalabecnalab Posts: 2
    I got a quote at South Bay VW in San diego for $600 over invoice, I did this using Costco Auto. Maybe I should buy mine at Bob Baker instead, which is also affiliated with Costco Auto.

    Let me know how things go at Bob Baker, if you do decide to buy there,eysuck.

    Im looking to buy a Black 4-door GLS 2.0 Automatic, end of this month. I hope I can find one.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The 2.0 liter is rather underpowered, even with a 5 spd. It's slower with an automatic. Test drive it before hand to make sure that you can live with it. I bought a GTI GLX (VR6 5spd), but then I'm a gearhead.
  • chellischellis Posts: 3
    I'm looking to buy a 2000 Golf GLS (no luxury package) and am wondering what kind of prices people are getting. I"m looking in VT, western MA, upstate NY area.
  • i know this is out of the subject but i was wondering if you lose mpg on a vw gti, when you change your air filter to a k&n or something???
  • timvtimv Posts: 1
    I have an '86 golf. The oxs light recently came on and has stayed on, despite running fine. Anyone know what's up? thanks
  • Your OXS light trips every 30k miles - it's only actuated by mileage, not some actual "failure".
    If you haven't had the sensor replaced in 30k or more, I suggest getting it done - car will run better and get better mileage. The idiot light resets by pushing in a button on the back of the instrument cluster, accessed from the engine compartment. Good luck!

  • I just want to share with everyone what price I got on my 2000 Golf GLS w/Auto. I figured out the invoice price is $16,557 minus the 2-3% holdback for the dealers. I went into my local VW dealer and gave them my buying price of $16,800 and stood my ground. I figured they have at least a $500 margin if they sold this car to me at this price. Not counting the $199 "processing fee". Anyways, it took about 1/2 hour to get within $150 of my price but the dealer would not come any lower. I walked out.

    Next day, they called me and agreed to $16,800. The car is a Golf GLS w/Auto.

    With tax,tags,and title, my out the door price will be around $17,500. I haven't signed so I don't have the final numbers.

    I think I got a decent deal on it. Hope this info helps others who are thinking of buying this car. I can't wait to get mine.

  • I know you'll enjoy it. I bought a 1999 Golf GLS in July, and it's still fun to drive. I actually look forward to my morning commute every day! I had a VW back in 1992 (got stolen), and kicked myself for not buying another one. VW has definitely come a long way, and I guess everyone knows it because I get compliments on my car almost on a daily basis. And hell, it is damn cute!

    Hope you enjoy your car as much as I do!
  • I,m looking to buy a 94 golf w/auto trans. the one I test drove today doesn,t shift to the 2nd gear until 45 mph the sales rep tells me this is common for the golf. I,m a little skeptical. the car only has 39,806 miles on it. any thoughts.
  • 19741974 Posts: 2
    Can you tell what dealers you have been working w/ in the wash. DC area? I went to the Only one in DC (guess who on Wisconsin Avenue?) and they said they never negotiate bec. the cars come in in the morning and are bought in the evening.
    I want a 99,really wd. buy a new 98 if it were available) GLS 4-door w/ Sunroof. Really, all I want is the Sunroof, so aside from the great design and safety, I could not care less about the macho-gizmos. I like roll down windows. I am wedded to my VW Superbug which is dying.Didn't I read somewhere of a buying service for $165. For a Golf GLS $18,500 bottom line is NOT a good deal. Someone also suggested the diesel Jetta (it has roll-down windows) but it is 10 inches longer than the Golf (same A-4 frame) and I live in a very congested, tight parking neighborhood. Suggestions please. Forgot to say I want 5 speed.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    1974, have you considered auto-by-tel? We purchased my 96 VW Golf at the dealer you mention and our experience was wonderful. This is long before our association with
    auto-by-tel sales are "gravy" to a dealer and you might find you can get a bit more room to maneuver. No charge to the buyer either!

  • I bought my '99 Golf GLS at Alexandria Volkswagen on Glebe Rd. They didn't have an overwhelming selection of Golf's when I was there, but they did have the exact one I was looking for. I'm not sure how familiar w/ the area you are, or how far you're willing to go, but I also visited Tischer VW in Laurel, right off the B/W Parkway on route 198. They had a really good selection, but the sales guy I spoke with didn't even seem like he wanted to take the time to go for a ride, so I left. There's also a VW Dealer in Annapolis, but they had next to nothing on their lot at the time. Hope this information helps.
  • I've had good luck at Congressional on Rockville Pike. Talk with Jeremy Jenkins. I've bought both a '99 Passat (mine) and a '99 Jetta (for my son) from him and got great prices.

    Now, though, I'm thinking of a Golf for my daughter. I'm unfamiliar with Golf's, but she is longing for one. I'd be willing to buy a '99 or '00 without any frills. I've done the research for the '99s. Think I can get a GL at $14120 all in for Maryland? Any advice? I've been doing the car search thing since January and I'm tiring of it. I'd buy a used Golf for her, but the thought of looking and testing and having a mechanic check it out is pretty overwhelming. Are there people who do that kind of thing for a fee?
  • wukwukwukwuk Posts: 17
    Does anyone know what, if anything has changed between the '99's and the 2000's? I recall looking at the '99's (99 1/2's) back in April, and it seemed the GTI version had a different headlight configuration than the regular Golfs. Now, looking at the 2000's, the Golf GLS has the same headlight config. as the GTI. Is anyone aware of anything else that has changed/improved? Any input is appreciated.
  • I haven't personally looked at the new 2000 models yet, because my car is only 4 months old, but according to, the only differences that I can tell is that the sun visors have a side piece that pulls out on the side by the rear view mirror. Thoughtful addition, but nothing to get overly excited about.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    The headlights on the Golfs and GTIs are identical, except the GTIs have foglights integrated into them, the Golfs do not.

  • ddaleyddaley Posts: 7
    Minor changes and not all at once. I think they may be putting their effort into working out the few problems such as the power window regulators and sunroofs. Visually they are the same, you may have mistook a typeIII '99 with a typeIV 99 if you saw visual differences. I test drove, decided on and shopped for my Golf before the '00 came out so I saw a lot of the 99.5 but bought a '00 GLS and any difference is minor. I love it. Was a little worried about power after hearing some more perfomance oriented folks call it weak but now that I'm past the break in period I have no complaints, but I live in the city and have no need to be in a hurry to get to the next red light. The little highway driving I've done so far has been very pleasant. BTW it may be small on the outside, it's a cinch to park, but the inside is plenty big. And there is more back seat room in the Golf than in the Jetta.
  • can anyone recommend a good in-dash cd receiver for a '98 Golf GL 4-door? i'm looking for something that will sit flush on the dashboard and just has a basic display (nothing too complicated and fancy). i just want a decent sounding cd player and stereo.
  • Is there a shortage of Golf's coming into to
    Southern California? I've visited 4 different dealers to test drive one, but nobody stocks them.
    I know they come from Germany by boat and it takes
    a awhile, but there are also other German cars here
    by the thousands as well, whats UP VW dealers!?
  • I would assume that it is only due to the low demand for Golfs here in the US.
    there is a huge backorder on replacements.

    My girlfriend's tape player just stopped working recently (she puts in a tape it says side A, then it switches to side B and then it says TAPE ERROR and pops the tape out). I took her car to VW to check this out and they said they have to change the radio and it might take a while because they have them on backorder. I asked if I could have the info on the radio to see if someone else has one in stock and he gave it to me. After checking with 3 or 4 dealers, one of them finally told me this is a known problem and there is a backorder for the entire US that may take weeks. I called VW service and they could offer no help or estimate as to how long it will take.
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