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Buick Rendezvous Steering and Suspension

cdyoungcdyoung Posts: 9
05 Ultra, hit a curb on icy road. RT wheel seems to ride on the sidewall in turns, Have to hold wheel far over to maintain straight course. Everything looks fine underneath. I think it's the strut, buit would love some confirmation. Car is nearly impossible to drive.


  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    I'd take your vehicle into a qualified (certified) auto shop and get an alignment done. If they feel a strut or some other bent item needs to be replaced, then it needs to be replaced. If you are already seeing improper tire wear and need to struggle with its steering wheel, I'd take your vehicle into a shop soon. Like ASAP. To me, steering and brakes must always be in 100% (or greater) working condition.

    Hope this helps...

  • cdyoungcdyoung Posts: 9
    05 Ultra 3.6 AWD, symptoms: Erratic speedometer at moderate speeds, accelerating and de-accelerating, AWD light illuminated, codes reveal low voltage to speed sensors and intermittent speed sensor. I'm thinking the wiring harness to the PCM is bad but am looking for someone else who has experienced the same problem. The sensor on the right side of the transmission is very difficult to access. Also looking for assistance on jacking or lowering to access.

    thank you
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    There were a couple of postings related to the speedometer problem in Transmission giving false neutral, and speedometer not registering and Speedometer problems. Posting your question there may provoke a response.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Hello, I desparately need some help. Recently replaced the power steering pump due to leakage (for the 2nd time). 1st time at a mechanic in town; 2nd time at the dealership. Now that the leakage problem is fixed; I am getting a sharp squeeling noice when making turns. Seems sound occurs mostly to one side. Has anyone had this? This problem did not show up until the power steering pump was replaced around a month ago. Now that we have taken my car back; the dealer is saying that I need to replace 2 of the tires and have some rear work done. Why is it that the sound did not occur until they worked on my car?
  • I have the same problem ! Only put in two pumps and a rack still makes the noise as a bad steering pump ..Help !
  • I have a 2002 Rendezvous with the auto leveling towing package. The rear of the vehicle looks like it is sitting much lower than it used to. I also do not hear the whirring noise that the auto level system used to briefly make at startup. The rear shocks definately need replacing. Is there a way to test if the auto level system is working? Maybe by placing a load on the back and listening for the leveling system to kick in? I believe the rear contains both a shock and a strut - is that correct? With 145,000 miles on the vehicle, should I replace them both as a group? I would like to gain back the lost 2" or so in rear end height regardless of the leveling system working or not.
  • Well I hope its not the same kind of system that I had on my 01 Yukon
    it will have a shock / air bag all in one and the were $900 a piece and the compressor was $1200. The the air bigs go bad if you dont tow alot or change the amount of weight in the back of the suv. by towing it keeps the bags soft and they wont crack and get a hole in them but when they get a hole in them the compressor will run until it over heats and goes bad and that only takes about 20-30 mins. so when that happens you need to buy two new shocks/air bag and the compressor
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