Engine braking? Or what. Help

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Ok people. I am a little frustrated. I just bought a used 2007 Entourage. Love it...But come on, can someone tell me if this van has a problem with engine braking? Every time I take my foot off the gas the van starts to slow down, noticeably fast. Even driving down hill. THIS CAN'T BE NORMAL. Is it?



  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Member Posts: 248
    When you take your foot off the gas, are you in top gear (5th)? You say engine braking, so are you certain it's not your transmission downshifting or holding the gear it was still in while you were accelerating? If it's the trans holding the gear, just tap the accelerator to get it to upshift, then cruise down the hill.
    If it really is within the engine then you probably have a valvetrain problem.
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    If you pullout just enough to get it going to go down a hill it will hold in a lower gear which is better then free wheeling down the hill. Like dave said tap the gas peddle. Just today without knowing it until I looked down at the speedo I was doing 85 mph. My 06 was made for highway driving. I love it
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    I have the same problem. Definitely not a safety engine downhill break. The van will not go into 5Th below 45mph. when coasting it will actively downshift through the gears in level and down hill driving. This problem probably eliminates 2-3mpg of city driving on average. Going to ask about it tomorrow, will let you know.
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