2006 Murano Very Low Idle and clicking noise in engine

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Hi-I'll try to be both brief and specific. I brought the car to Nissan for it's yearly inspection and it returned a code that the catalyst and evaporative systems were not in ready status. They had me drive the car around in some crazy specific pattern for over 100 miles and when I brough it back the systems were still not in ready status. The techs at Nissan then did "something" to the computer and the car passed the inspection. The very next day the car was idling rough and threatening to stall while idling. The tach was showing erratic jumps and falls while driving and there were some stumbles. It had never done this before. Too coincidental. I brought it back to them and they blamed me for not maintaining the car and preceeded to charge my $550 dollars to do some things to the spark plugs, throttle body, fuel injectors and air filter. The car now idles at 200 RPM which is ridiculously low but hasn't threatened to stall yet. It has been 3 days since the repairs. I've also noticed that the driver's side window now struggles to close like it is lacking power. In addition to all this there is a clicking noise coming from the back center of the engine right behind the windshield which increases at higher rpms and winds down to a clattering stop when the car is brought a stop. If anyone can make any sense of this I would greaty appreciate it as this looks like a massive headache in the making. It's a lease with 5 months left on it and I want to just get to the end.


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    Occasionally (almost daily....), while I have been driving for good 20 - 30 minutes, car will not move when I have to stop at Light.. I have to push Gas paddle too much, before it starts moving. Taking it to Dealer Tomorrow. They sounded like they do not know what I was talking about. My question is.. Is it common/known issue. What sort of solution/cost will I get. Appreciate any response by Tomorrow noon.
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    my murano is having exactly the same issue. Was yours ever resolved? What was causing this?
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    Is this part of the new recall?
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