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I have a 04 CS..with 18's . Im looking into 20 by 9 sport techno wheels. What is the deepest tire that I can put on my CS without any issues? I want to go deeper in the rear.



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    I have a 2006 Cayenne with 15,000 miles on it. Most of my driving is short trips in the suburbs. It was just inspected and my dealer told me the tires barely passed inspection and I would require new tires before winter (I'm in suburban Philadelphia). Coincidentally, my brake pads need to be replaced as well. I guess that's not terribly unusual at 15,000 miles.

    Does tire replacement at 15K miles sound right? I've had the BMW X5 and the Mercedes SUV ML?? immediately prior to the Cayenne for three years each, and did the exact same kind of driving and did not have to replace brake pads or tires.

    My lease expires in July, so the thought of having to incur these costs for a short period of time is troubling (especially given the economy).

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Could it be possible the dealer is trying to cash in on you?

    15,000 doesn't sound good to me, but then, I am not a cayenne owner, so I don't know about it.

    25,000 sounds rite to me.

    Any plans to trade in your car when your lease expires.

    Since you driven the old x5, the new one is great.
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    My cousin owns a range sport, he told me, he had to change tires 10 times in 2 year's :surprise:

    His friend also owns a range, but had to change his tires 0 times.
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    Thank you for the replies! I've since read up on the issue on a few other Porsche Cayenne forums, and apparently, it's not that unusual to need replacement tires at 15,000 miles given the weight of the car and the fact that the tires are high performance.

    I love the car and hope to get another at lease end, which is something I have never done before (same car twice in a row)!

    Thanks again!
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    i have just purchased a certified pre-owned cayenne gts 2009 black on black
    -yesterday after a 90 mile trip and a 2 hr rest, the vehicle on start up alarmed in gold that the tyre pressures were low. the left rear was noted to be 5 lbs low.
    i proceeded to a station and a person assisited me. however some air was let out of the left rear tyre at first then installed. all tyres were put to 2 lbs low according to the dash--it was very hot out and we had 90 miles to go-not sure if this is ok or not.
    upon start up, red alarm indicated and still does red flat tyre warnig re left rear-and indicates 2 lbs low. gold warning is on for all4 tyres also-at 2 lbs. low-although during the trip, they went to 1 lb low.
    unable to reset alarms.
    please help.
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    I had to change the 19" tires on my Cayenne after about 24K miles... 15K seems little soon...but wouldn't be surprised.

    Overall, the Cayenne IMO is way too expensive to maintain for a vehicle in its cost category... I had tires at 24K...front brakes around the same time... rear brakes ready at about 30K...makes the BMW 4-yr maintenance program look attractive! :)
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    You should never, NEVER, run any R/awd system in any mode OTHER than RWD except at/in times of need for higher/better drive traction. I don't know how your 2006 R/awd system actually works but if you have a Full-Time "AWD" mode then I would suggest you not use that mode and use a RWD "ONLY" mode as long as you're operating on a known tractive surface.

    The current "fad" in the industry seems to involve having some sort of "pre-emptive" engagement of the "AWD" mode and that's resulting in various premature driveline component failures.
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    Might be doing apples and oranges here but the tires on my 911 do not last very long either. 20,000 in the front, 10,000 in the rear. Given the weight of the vehicle and your predominant short trips the brake wear does not seem excessive.
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    My continental tires on my turbo lasted about 20,000 miles too...... too fast of wear, but normal for these high acceleration, quick deceleration heavier vehicles. NORMAL>

    Back when Porsche was overflowing with money, I was able to talk my dealer into giving me a free set of 2 new continental tires for FREE..... but that was then.

    Now, with Volkswagon in control...there is NO way for that.

    Good luck...guys.
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