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Ford Escort Hatchback

pjsteinpjstein Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford
Anyone have any experience on safety/reliability
of 91 Ford escorts


  • mimeliomimelio Posts: 6
    My escort has 155,000 miles still original exhaust.starter went at 120,000.Make sure to change your timing belt at 50,000 miles.I bought mine new oh yes platinum plugs make car start super fast
  • Would anybody help me find a way to determine the manufacturing date( day and a month) of the vehicle that I purchased. There is no sticker in the car.I have a VIN # of the car.I can not find a dealership either where the car was first bought. What should I do?Thanks.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    daniel29, I think our Smart Shopper conference would be the best place to ask your question. Why not use our Topic Search on the left menu bar, perhaps with VIN as your key word, and see if this topic is already underway?

  • seebseeb Posts: 1
    91 Escort with 177000 miles on it. Starter went out at 175000. Have had timing belt replaced every 60k. Been a very reliable car for me.
  • tmpy2tmpy2 Posts: 1
    Is there a faq or web site about Escort I can find on the net? I like to see the problems and solutions on '91 Escort we just got.

  • I have a 91 Escort GT (2 doors) with 115,000 miles. Even when the car was new, I had trouble rolling the windows up. I've tried cleaning & greasing the window weather stripping but the problem always returns after it rains or after I wash the car. I've tried several different types of lubricants. Does anyone else have this problem, or have a solution?

  • My 91 Escort with 128K miles has/had the following problems. Noisy engine lifters. Jamming drivers side automatic seatbelt. Difficult to roll up drivers window. Poor breaks (lots of repairs!). Air conditioner failing at 80K. Alternator failing at 105K. Anyone else out there with the same problems?
  • peds_drppeds_drp Posts: 1
    i have a 91' escort. when i take my foot off the
    gas then put it back onthe gas(usually going
    30~60 mph) the car hesitstes. anyone have any
  • ttoommttoomm Posts: 1

    I am going to buy a 94 Ford Escort LX. The mileage is 96000. What should I check before the paying?

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I always recommend a complete inspection by the mechanic of YOUR choosing. Yes, it will cost something up front and if if saves you from expensive surprises later, it will be worth it!

  • drk2drk2 Posts: 1
    Am looking at a 1991 Escort GT. Timing belt is about to be changed. Maintenance has been kept up. Asking price is $4000. Sound good?
  • jlw49jlw49 Posts: 1
    I have a 91 escort GT, original owner, now has 120,000. I had the window roll up problem, took it to Ford dealer, they replaced the rubber in the window track and has been fine ever since, It's been about 4 years bow.
  • kannan75kannan75 Posts: 2
    Have a '93 Ford Escort Pony(2D)- Is that an LX, ZX or DX? Can anyone help me w/ that?
  • kannan75kannan75 Posts: 2
    Its way too overpriced ! I would not pay more than 1800 for a well maintained '91 escort!
  • mmmmwardmmmmward Posts: 1
    We have a '91 Escort GT that has 180,000 miles on it. It has been through 4 family members, had the oil changed regularly every 3-5,000 miles. It just blew it's FOURTH transmission. No MORE, it is going to the JUNK YARD!!! We have all taken care of the car, the engine is still humming nicely in spite of so many miles, the interior and exterior are in excellent shape... but those transmission troubles have made us crazy! Any body else out there having similar transmission problems on the Escort GT???
  • jimboscjimbosc Posts: 8
    I had a '93 Escort GT 5-speed for several years. Great little car. The only problem I had was a bad alternator right after the warrenty expired. Otherwise it ran great and got about 31-33 mpg on the highway (about 22-24 in the city). The "Green Machine" had the original clutch and tranny when I sold it with about 70,000 miles.

    The only thing that worried me while I had the car was alot of brake noise after the dealer did a full brake job. I think the problem was warped rotors and could have been fixed for a few hundred bucks - better spent on my new Camry.

    Ford has a reliable car, at least for the 91 to 95 GTs - better than the 1985 Accord it replaced in my garage. The FORD dealer was a bad experience almost everytime I had to go there, which was a big reason I bought a Toyota. We've had the car a year and have not had to go to the dealer once - yes, Virgina they can build a zero defect car.

    I would recommend the 1.8 motor over the 1.9. It is a Mazda mill, with good power and reliability. I drove the hell out of that Escort GT for 6 years and that engine loved every minute of it.
  • spectre3spectre3 Posts: 67
    what experience have you had with the 1.9?? hmmm?
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    In a few words:

    A bit noisy, not much power (88 hp) but good low end torque; great fuel economy; reliable if taken care of.

    I'd recommend the Mazda 1.8 over the 1.9. But it would cost more initially and will need more maintenance (timing belt replacements at 60,000 miles). Slightly less gas mileage but much more fun.

  • spectre3spectre3 Posts: 67
    you have 150,000 miles on 1 escort??

    lets see..

    if maintained properly mine ought to last another 3.5 years....

    when its time to replace it, maybe i will look for a good used escort gt if one can be found.. ;).
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I had 158,000 miles on a 91 Tracer, which is mechanically identical to the Escort. I sold it to a relative about 1.5 years ago and it's still going.

    I always took good care of it, changed the oil every 3000 miles. It was a good reliable car for me. It wasn't he most fun to drive (having the 5 speed helped) but it got me around.

    If I had known how long I was going to keep it, I might have spent the extra money to get the 1.8. The problem was, when I bought it the only way to get it was to go with the Tracer LTS, which was about $2,500 more than the regular Tracer. That seemed like a lot of money at the time.


  • spectre3spectre3 Posts: 67
    thanks for the insight.

    i maintain my vehicles very well and
    i hope this escort serves me as well as your tracer did. being forced to commute 100 miles per day since my job relocated, fuel economy and practicality was my reason for buying this car.
    39 - 43 mpg is the norm for me , also with the 5 speed transmission. i plan to have ford add on cruise soon, then maybe i can relax a little on the interstate.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I did a long commute for a while in my Tracer - about 80 miles one way for 5 months. Mine had cruise, and it was nice to have. You don't necessarily have to have a Ford dealer install cruise on your car. You can get an aftermarket unit installed that works great for a lot less than a dealer would charge.

    If you keep the car long enough, I'd recommend having the timing belt replaced around 100,000 miles. On my Tracer, the manual didn't ever say it needed changing, but I had it done anyway. I took a look at the belt after it was done and it needed it. Another relative of mine has a 92 Escort and he didn't change his belt and it broke. It didn't cause any engine damage but it left his wife & 2 kids stuck in a dead car in rush hour Chicago traffic.

  • spectre3spectre3 Posts: 67
    i did see in my owners manual that it didn't say when to change the timing belt on the 1.9 engine... i did actually change it at 62,000 miles out of ignorance, because i had no idea how long it would go before the belt broke.

    i use to have an 86 escort, and its belt went almost exactly at 62k. i understand the belt in the 95 has a round tooth design, which may help increase the number of miles you get before it goes.

    i had inquired in several ng's about timing belt longevity, i wanted to know what was the normal belt replacement interval before i started to commute this last may, but received no clear answer. thank you!
    i will be piling up the miles on this car, but i may wait a little longer the next time before changing the timing belt again..
    i actually replaced my waterpump along with the belt, because it was a semi-seized water pump that took out the 1st belt in my 86 escort, a few years ago.

    i guess i was afraid that the timing belt in this escort would break in the middle of our indiana winter,, leaving me stranded on the interstate ..
    btw, if you are from the chicago area, we may be neighbors as the crow flies anyway. i am from marion indiana and have to drive to fort wayne to work every day. approx 50 miles one way.

    your handle is interesting, if dhoff is short for hoffman then we may have the same ancestry somewhere, my last name is huffman.

    it has been nice talking with you, i will check into the aftermarket cruise as an option to the ford installed item. (400.00+).

    see ya,

  • shayes1shayes1 Posts: 12
    I had a 91 gt I sadly traded away three years ago! I had replaced the transmission after losing
    synchronizer rings at 100K, a new radiator and timing belt also, but that car hummed! Fast,
    could carry lots of stuff, great in the winter.
    Had 120K when I got rid of it. I regret that day.

  • I'm the original owner of a '91 Escort GT with 92,000 miles. Haven't had any major problems and have done very little maintenance except for regular oil changes. Since it is now our familys 2nd car, only put about 6,000 miles/yr on it. Would like to keep for another 3-4 years, but don't know what type of "preventative maintenance" I should take now to avoid troubles. Also would appreciate any info on the types of potential problems I should prepare for with a car of this age and mileage.

  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Have you changed the timing belt yet? If not, you are overdue. Get that done, and have the water pump and accessory belts replaced at the same time. You might want to have the coolant changed also.

    The big thing is to regularly change the oil, which you are doing. Other than the things mentioned earlier, fix problems as they occur and the car should last a long time.

  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    My 94 Escort has 133k miles and now the tranmission does not downshift unless manually
    done plus the torque converter slips.How much
    should it cost for a rebuilt transmission including labor.The other option is a good used one.Has anyone gone through this before.
  • yep,

    but it was an 86 escort at that magical 90k mile mark....

    holding my fingers now, driving a 95 escort with 78k miles.
  • remnerremner Posts: 1
    Someone asked about an escort site, a good one is It has a faq and a ubb. Theres also a couple of lists on egroups.
  • Hello,

    I have a '91 Escort LX 2 Door that I am looking to trade in soon. It has 70,000 miles and is in excellent shape interior and exterior(besides a small dent in the left front panel and a few nicks on the doors). I was wondering how much I should expect and/or ask for my trade in? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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