Toyota Camry Hybrid Steering & Suspension Questions

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I have just been notified to return my 2007 Camry hybrid for a steering problem. The dealer is vague about the issue and says that he will need the car for five hours. This sounds dramatic. Does anyone know anything about this?


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    I had mine done last Saturday. Took less than two hours.

    Here are the details:

    EPS Recall PDF
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    Thanks. Appreciate your post.
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    I purchased a 09 Camry Hybrid in Oct 08. I am happy with the car except that it has a squeak sound on turning at low speed specifically in and out of drive ways.

    I reported it to the dealer and they were able to diagnose and nail it down to bolts on left strut rubbing against the body. They fixed it (apparently with adding a washer) only to reappear after 1-2 weeks.

    I have gone thru this process 5 times since and also involved Toyota customer service and Toyota technical at the start of 3rd iteration.

    After the 5 retries the problem is still there. I got a call from Toyota Customer service today and they offered me to go thru arbitration. They are also open to fix it yet another time, except that I seem to be done with going in circles.

    Does any one have experience with arbitration/Toyota/CA? Any suggestions on what my other alternatives could be? Would 5 repair attempts for a reproducible suspension sound call it a lemon?

    Car has 4 K miles now and it first got into dealership with 1300.
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    Im going thru the same problem with my camry 09 le, been to the dealer 3 times allready, they did a tsb st7001, replace shaft steering assy, no help, going back today , they are keeping the car all day to see if they can fix it, the noise starred after 5k , and it comes and goes, but when long drives stays steady...noise noticeable is like some hydrolic, maybe, the pump? anyone?
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    Can anyone recommend a really complete long term 100,000 mile,84 month warranty?
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    Let us know what Toyota did for you. I pick mine up on Wednesday the 11th of March. Hope I don't get these problems.
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