Infiniti M35/M45 Insurance cost

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While I was helping a friend researching cars, I looked at the insurance cost for M45 on It stated that the annual cost at my area are $1900+/year. But, actually I am paying much less, say around $1300/year.

I would like to see what other are paying for insurance and how many points (traffic ticket, accident ) in the past 3 years would be helpful.

For me, I have 1 speeding ticket and no accident in the past 3 years. So, it seems the estimate on is a bit on the high side.


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    Insurance cost is also based on your credit I'm not sure it matters what others are paying....and of course how much insurance you're carrying..and if you carry uninsured motorist coverage...and other drivers in your household ...and whether you use the car on business....and how far you commute...and how much you drive and on and on.

    Sorry, but I think this is a non useful request.....
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    Well, I understand there are factors that will make the insurance cost vary. But, if there is a number on, it should have some meaning - maybe it is the average. I know I am paying less and would like to see if there is anyone that is paying what shows on or even more. If 90% are paying less, then the number is high.

    It is a forum, so more information is better - just like the topic talking about real work MPG or real world reliability of any car. I don't see how it is different. :shades: ;)
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    I have a 2008 m35x, live in NJ, have NJM (New Jersey Manufactures) insurance, all the highest protection limits, a $500 deductible, drive 30 miles round trip to work, and pay $1,023 a year. But if NJM does well, I usually get a 10% dividend, so that should give a real world annual cost of $921. I have no speeding tickets or accidents in the last 3 years. Also I have excellent credit around 780-800.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the information. That is what I thought.

    Anyone else? I want to see if anyone has an insurance cost close or higher than what is showing at
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    I pay$ 693.00 per year for the M45 X.Last ticket 14 yrs. ago.I do get a few discounts because I have home owners and a life insurance policy with the same company.We live in WI. and I do think my credit rating is excellent.
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