GMC Envoy Transmission Problems

jimmyppjimmypp Member Posts: 1
When i back up the truck, i hear a clunking noise coming from the back, i have to give more gas to back up , or it won't move. What could it be ?


  • pearce0947pearce0947 Member Posts: 3
    sounds to me like your parking brake, start with checking that first
  • rgoldsteinrgoldstein Member Posts: 4
    I just bought a preowned 2005 Envoy SLT and it gets 15 mpg in the city. Any ideas on how to improve mileage (new tires? better gas?). Shouldn't it get around 20 in the city?
  • dennisinazdennisinaz Member Posts: 1
    not sure how to improve. but my avg is closer to 17; that's based on 90% around town.
  • pearce0947pearce0947 Member Posts: 3
    Yes. I think it should get at least 18-19 as does mine (2004 SLT). start by changing the fuel filter and check for any codes, you may have a lazy o2 sensor.

    Thanks and good luck
  • pstanleycuppstanleycup Member Posts: 1
    currenly having issues with my 4x4. I have replaced the TCCM switch and also the motor, and it will still not engage. The "service 4wd light" is on all the time. I was having some battery issues when this all started about a year ago. Any thoughts???
  • sgilbert3sgilbert3 Member Posts: 1
    I had a problem on my 2005 envoy with a service 4wd light what it turned out to be was a wire that was almost rusted in half once the mechanic found it he had to replace about an inch of wire and it is working fine now.
  • grogers667grogers667 Member Posts: 9
    Good luck, bought mine new in 06 and it still gets only 17.5 average! Fuel not so bad to me as the problems I am having with it. It is basically a piece of junk!
  • grogers667grogers667 Member Posts: 9
    I got my gas gauge of my 06 Envoy fixed a few months the check engine light stays on! The dealer wants a fortune just to diagnose problems and the price per hour for labor is not something I can afford...yet they will not refund you anything on the gas gauge repair unless you take it to a certified dealer!! GM should be ashamed after taking all the bail out money!

    The truck now makes some kind of noise when it is cold. It seems to be coming from the transmission. We put a new water pump on it this summer. It seems there is ALWAYS something going on. I thought when I bought this truck new and for the price I paid , it would last me a long time. It has a little over 100k and began having problems at about 75k. I WILL be getting a Toyota next time around..enough of government motors!!
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    We can set up a Customer Assistance case for you if you like. Please send us an email with your name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, the name of your involved dealership, and more information on the times you've been in to the dealership for this issue. Any other information you want to add is welcome.

    GM Customer Service
  • ray06envoyray06envoy Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    we have a 06 envoy, straight 6 , it has its share of electrical issues mainly with the back gate.
    but recently and for no reason the transmission will not let u switch out of park, and i have also noticed that the steering wheel lock doesnt work. it would happen once a month or two, then correct itself, until yesterday. the handles locked in park, it starts fine, i know when you step on the brake you could feel a click thru the steerinfg wheel,(I GUESS THIS IS THE RELEASE FOR THE HANDLE) but its not working at all , we tried unhooking the ground wire on the battery for a couple minutes, nothing..... anyone else have this happen???? and please HELP!!!!!
  • mb2222mb2222 Member Posts: 1
    Got a persistent check engine light, the code is P0894, what I notice is after driving a while, it will shift very hard fron 1st to 2nd (automatic transmission). There is a TSB Bulletin No.: 06-07-30-007A about a possible cracked solenoid that can be replaced. Anybody have experience with this issue and get a resolution?
  • mhstonermhstoner Member Posts: 1
    We bought our 2005 Envoy with 6,000 miles on it (Dealer Demo) in 2006. I like a lot of things about it, but it's needed more work than my 1994 Silverado! There was a mount freezing up which first caused a whine, then belts broke. The dealer couldn't find the problem, a local mechanic did. Now the front end differential needs replacing. The mechanic has had to do this on several local 2005 Envoys and it's not cheap due to the design. I do like this vehicle but I can't afford constant expensive repairs.
    Anyone else have this problem?
  • mechanic2007mechanic2007 mt.pleasant michiganMember Posts: 1
    Tonight I lost my transmission in my 2008 envoy gmc. Where can I find a cheap transmission?
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